Another way to watch Indian movies


Netflix, Amazon Heera, Hulu, YouTube and Google Play are just a few ways an Indian movie lover can watch their favorite movies, but with the price so high and waiting for certain films to be put onsite for just limited time, can be frustrating.

Well, not anymore. Reliance Entertainment has launched its largest online movie platform BIGFLIX in the United States after completing eight successful years in India where it started off like a “Blockbuster Video Store.”

The online platform is just like Netflix in that you can create up to five profiles per account and movies can be accessed from TVs, phones, laptops and tablets, but there are no TV shows.

With approximately 3.8 million subscribers thus far, the platform has been available in India as well as elsewhere in the world and is now being brought to the U.S. in efforts to stop piracy.

BIGFLIX has more than 2,000 HD movies in nine languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Bengali.

“Globally the demand for video content has risen steeply and the digital platform is witnessing a wider audience everywhere, including India. BIGFLIX will provide high quality video content from some of the biggest banners including Dharma, Disney, Viacom, Phantom, Telugu One and Rajshri, among others,” said Amit Khanduja, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital.

Khanduja also said the actual goal behind releasing the platform in the U.S. is so that those who cannot make it to the theater in time to watch a film, can watch it on BIGFLIX instead of looking for a pirated version online.

So when a movie releases in theaters, it will also be released on BIGFLIX Khanduja said, adding that two to three movies would be released on BIGFLIX each month and this, he contended, will not impact theater attendance.

BIGFLIX will also have critically acclaimed films which are not officially released in the U.S.

“About 100 films are released every year in India and only 10 make it to the U.S., out of which only four or five make it through the first five weeks and since there is no other way to watch films besides piracy,” Khanduja said.

The price of BIGFLIX is only $1.99 a month, the same price as one pirated DVD.



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