Web Series Anamika: All’s not well that does not end well!

Sunny Leone plays the title-role in Anamika. Photo: Trailer Video Grab

Now here’s a series that begins promisingly, in fact, extremely promisingly for a Vikram Bhatt conveyor-belt production. Anamika (Sunny Leone), who works in a Faridabad hospital, springs to action and protects an intended victim when some gangsters barge into it with the intention of killing one patient. Soon, she is interviewed by a channel, and in Mumbai, a gang notices her and decides to exterminate her, as she had disappeared for three years.

When the gang reaches her, she is equally adept at dealing with them, but unintentionally, Dr. Prashant (Ayaz Khan) is killed in the exchange of fire. And so we come to know that Anamika has been living with the doc for three years and they were in love. Also, Prashant is the one who has named her Anamika (which paradoxically means the nameless one) as she is suffering from retrograde amnesia and did not remember who she was sicne she was first brought in as a patient.

Now, Anamika, surprised at her own prowess at action and with the gun, decides to eliminate Dr. Prashant’s killers as she finds some clues about who they are. But unknown to her, even the secret government agency, DTA, has now found her out from the same news report and, because she was missing for three years, concludes that her possession of data that could endanger the nation three years ago could be harmful to the nation, DTA and some others. So the chief Ravi (Rahul Dev) decides to kill her as well! He decides that Rhea (Sonnalli Seygall) should head the squad. Meanwhile, another person looking for her is her old flame Rohan (Shehzad Shaikh).

Where does all this lead? Of course, we come to know that Anamika is really agent M who is among the best in DTA. And what happens next? Does she rediscover her feelings for Rohan? And why she is targeted by the law as well as the law-breakers?

Anamika decides to end on a cliffhanger that really does not make sense, simply because from the sixth of 8 episodes, we find the grip replaced by absurdities galore, a staple in Vikram Bhatt’s series! For one, Rhea has to do some ornate action reminiscent of Hollywood heroes, which does not make sense at all, and for another, the series could have easily ended here because, by now, pretty much is clear, even to M.

And no one thinks of the obvious fact that had M turned traitor, she could have easily done the damage she wanted in the years she was ‘missing’. Also, the logical way would have been to arrest her and interrogate her to find out things. Instead, the head of the agency is in cahoots with a slimy businessman (Samir Soni), who deals in all the illegal things, including drugs, and has had a connection with M.

And then, there is the story of a painting that has a clue within it, which is with Rohan, who, when he was in love with M, had no clue what she was professionally up to when she would disappear for days or weeks on a mission.

But if logic was present, Vikram Bhatt and this series would have not existed!

Technically polished, the series has Sunny Leone trying her level best to measure up. She speaks slowly as she is not yet comfortable in Hindi, but does a fair job when we consider her track-record as actor. Sonnalli Seygall is confident as Rhea, Samir Soni makes a perfect picture of slime, sleaze and shrewdness and Rahul Dev is good as the chief. And while Ayaz Khan as Dr. Prashant is competent , Shehzad Shaikh is earnest but just adequate.

Wish the series was better crafted and logic given its due importance. It would have then made for a good thriller where even waiting for the next season would have been more exciting.

Rating: **

MX Player presents LoneRanger Productions  & Houseful Motion Pictures’ Anamika   Produced by: Krishna Bhatt, Amar P. Thakkar & Dr. Raj Kishore Khaware Directed by: Vikram Bhatt Written by: Vikram Bhatt, Jessica Khurana & Shweta Bothra Starring: Sunny Leone, Ayaz Khan, Shehzad Shaikh, Sonnalli Seygall, Rahul Dev, Samir Soni, Romil K. Sharma & others





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