An Appeal To Indian Americans To Vote For Donald Trump


In 1992 I wrote to the Indian American community in my capacity as Deputy National Political Director of the Clinton for President Campaign.

In 2020 I am writing as a very concerned private citizen to the American Indian community with whom, a generation ago, I worked very hard to bring them into the center of national American politics. Memories of those, politically game changing experiences for the community, for America and for India remain with me always.

In 2020 I am urging the Indian American Community to vote for President Trump. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for prosperity for all of America’s diverse communities, for stability both in America and in Asia. Extremist, cynical, leftist ideology, increasingly influencing the Democratic Party, need never, even remotely, define the heart of America.

In this election there is a clear choice between Biden who has, for decades, supported unbalanced policies outsourcing American knowhow and jobs and who has persistently advocated for a dictatorship that replaced them and, on the other hand, President Trump who has steadfastly determined to revive the American economy, as exemplified by, pre covid, the highest employment figures in decades and balanced foreign trade. He has judiciously sought balance in global affairs, emphasizing the role of democracy and peace, in particular emphasizing supportive American bilateral relations with India from trade to defense. .

Recent treaties and agreements and understandings with India, in the Middle East , the Balkans and with China, together with reasoned agreement in sharing expenses with Nato partners, demonstrate President Trump’s success. President Trump espouses core American values. Biden is attempting to lead America toward radical Leftist ideologies, alien to Democracy and freedom. Our collective American immigrant experience is one define d by journeying to America from environments where our ancestors’ full potential was stymied, or their freedoms curtailed.

Collectively, we have learned about the dire consequences extremism imposes on personal liberty and human potential. We all carry the ghosts of ancestors who did not benefit from the experience that America afforded us. However imperfect our founders and their times might have been, they authored the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which in history continues to guide us in our ever improving efforts to attain equity for all Americans, most recently infringed upon in the instance of Mr. Floyd’s death egregious death. The Angel of history, and we, know the price humanity has paid to remove ideological extremists from power, the Nazis, Fascists, Communists of the Soviet and Chinese variety but a few examples.

To allow our free country and dynamic economy to be, however we must steadfastly improve, suppressed by insidious, extremist ideas taking hold of the Democratic Party, influenced by a menacing foreign communist power set to hobble our prosperity, is not acceptable, no matter what political party we have supported. We, together, have common purpose to safeguard our common future whatever our political party. We are one people when we win the Olympics. We want to be one people against leftist extremism. We all win.

There is no hope in political leaders aligned with extremism. There is no way, for any of us, to connect to an ever more so extremist Democratic Party. Some citizens might not understand why, or agree, with how President Trump proceeds on any number of matters, or how, when, and why he tweets, or they choose not to. But, one way to judge the veracity of President Trump’s commitment to assure that our nation not be economically and spiritually subjugated is to witness the degree to which extremist Leftist forces- encouraged by, and unchecked by, their political allies holding senior Democratic Party political office-are trying to undo his numerous achievements beneficial to Americans.

Leftists are appropriating failed, unacceptable, police procedures, ironically often conceived of and enforced by Democrat jurisdictions-that a preponderance of Americans feel should be reformed-as a vehicle by which to, not only destroy the vast majority of laudable, dutiful police forces, but to attempt to destroy America. Democrat leaders, who authored the police procedures and run numerous of the jurisdictions where sad infringements have been made, remain silent.

President Trump’s choice of words might not appeal to some voters, and on some occasions he might want to be more nuanced, But, most important, President Trump’s actions speak volumes about his concern and love for America and about his support for a strong American democracy, strong economy, and strong relations between India in all it’s diversity and the United States in all it’s diversity. We need to support each other in common cause to assure that history’s martyrs felled by extremism, from Soviet Russia and North Korea to Cambodia and Communist China, are memorialized by our actions in protecting America from extremism.

Voting for President Trump goes a long way to safeguarding our future well being. In the early 1990’s, I worked very hard with numerous Indian Americans to create the foundation upon which a strong, diverse, politically engaged Indian American community has built a substantial political force, a model of civic engagement.

I consider it an honor to have participated in this formation for the good. In the process I often included Americans who’s ancestors hailed from the subcontinent region other than India, encouraging common ground. The scores of Indian American community leaders of different backgrounds who I worked with were among the most outstanding individuals it has been my good fortune to be associated. We accomplished a very successful first-generation leap into national American politics. President Trump will sustain a dynamic economy and enhance Democracy.

Christopher Hyland (Photo: courtesy Christopher Hyland)

Christopher Hyland is the former Deputy National Political Director 1992 Clinton Campaign; recipient of a Saint Patrick Award for Peace in Ireland, and life-long Republican.



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