Ameya Pawar hails passage of bill for elected school board



Ameya Pawar, 47th Ward Alderman and Democratic candidate for Illinois governor, issued the following statement in response to the passage of Illinois House Bill 1774 by a 105-9 vote. HB1744 amends the Illinois Election Code to provide the City of Chicago with an elected school board:

“Educators, parents and students in Chicago got a huge win today with the passage of HB1744 out of the Illinois House of Representatives. At a time when Donald Trump, Betsy Devos and Bruce Rauner are actively pushing to dismantle public education, we must be empowered to elect school board members who are held accountable to people, not politicians. That’s what today’s win is about.”

“I have spent my entire time in office working to strengthen neighborhood public schools in my community. Now, as a candidate for governor, a central plank of my campaign is to create funding and resource equity for every public school district in Illinois. For Chicago Public Schools to achieve true equity and to combat the myopic agenda of billionaire school reformers, funding and resources must be paired with an elected school board.

“I fully support an elected school board in Chicago and call on the other candidates for governor to join me in celebrating this win for more accountability with Chicago Public Schools.”



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