American Hindu Coalition’s Women Wing conducts conference


The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) Women’s Business Wing held a conference on September 23, in the Greater Washington, DC Area.

The conference started with an introduction by the conference emcee Padmini Nidumolu followed by rendition of the American national anthem by Ananya Penugonda. The AHC President Harsh Sethi introduced the team, including Women’s Business Wing Director Manikya Lakshmi Linga. It was followed by a presentation on political advocacy by John Jaggers, AHC Political Director.

AHC Women’s Business Wing leader Srilekha Reddy Palle presented the mission of the group, which is to create a sustainable structure that supports the continued global advancement of women through individual development, community creation, and cultural change.

The conference concluded with a cultural show case led by Shilpi C and team. It was revealed that American Hindu Coalition Women’s Business Wing has officially became an outreach partner of Global Entrepreneurship Summit, be held in Hyderabad, India. The US delegation is chaired by Ivanka Trump.



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