American Hindu Coalition joined Ivanka Trump’s delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The U.S. delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad Nov. 28-30, and led by Ivanka Trump, advisor to the President, was the largest of any country. (Photo courtesy American Hindu Coalition)

Several members of the American Hindu Coalition (AHC) and other Indian-Americans were part of the large delegation that accompanied Ivanka Trump, advisor to President Trump, during the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad, Nov. 28-30.

The AHC members  to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) were Srilekha Palle, Manikya Lakhsmi Linga, Sujwala Puttagunta, Radhika Guntur, and Alok Srivastava, according to a Dec. 4, press release from AHC. The 2017 GES is the first GES focused on the theme “Women First Prosperity For All” and also the first GES to be hosted in India jointly with the U.S.

The U.S. delegation to the GES, which was put together by the State Department, was the largest of all the 150 countries that attended, and the gathering featured celebrity speeches, paparazzi, politicians as well as politicians-in-the-making, and global business elites.

“I want to thank the U.S. business leaders who have traveled all the way to Hyderabad for this inspiring event. I also want to congratulate the more than 350 American entrepreneurs who were selected to be here with us to represent America’s brightest talent,”   Ivanka Trump, chair of the US delegation, is quoted saying in the press release.

Some members of the American Hindu Coalition were part of the U.S. delegation that attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad Nov. 28-30. (Photo courtesy American Hindu Coalition)

“The AHC members of the US delegation were active participants in the GES 2017 conferences proceedings as well as the pre-summit and post-summit networking events,” the AHC said. It’s members participated in a conference on precision medicine presented by executives from major hospitals and other stakeholders and hosted by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh. They were also participants in a conference on US- India Strategic Forum with U.S. corporate participation, including Amazon and CISCO executives, the AHC said.



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