AICC elects new board members

New Board Members with the Election Committee (Courtesy: AICC)

The Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) held their 2018 Election Nite on November 28 at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, New Jersey, where 14 members were elected to the board.

The new board members will serve a two-year term and they include:

  • Alka Agarwal
  • Elaine McClaine
  • Ilayas Quraishi
  • Kavin Shah
  • Rajeev Krishna
  • Rekha Parthasarathy
  • Suchitra Kamath
  • Chetan Wattamwar
  • Jayesh Mehta
  • Kapil Shah
  • Kavita Bindra
  • Priti Pandya Patel
  • Satyan Rawal
  • Vijay Singhal
From left to right: Past President Anil Bansal; Founders Bharat Ruparel, Sat Khurana, Paul Rajan and Ram Patel, and Current President Priti Pandya Patel (Courtesy: AICC)

At the election, Sat Khurana, one of the founding members of the commerce, told the new board members to “think outside of the box.”

“We want to bring other companies who can become a true member of the commerce. We should look into our own customer base and see which of the industries we can bring into our Chamber of Commerce,” he said, congratulating the new board members.



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