Admerasia Hosts Screening of Crazy Rich Asians


Admerasia, multicultural ad and marketing agency, hosted a private screening of the new hit film Crazy Rich Asians on Friday, August 17th at the Cinépolis Chelsea in New York City.

In addition, two new pieces of Admerasia’s work were showcased for the first time ever. The first was a new television spot written and directed for State Farm called “Smart Living,” which featured an entirely Asian-American cast; an Indian-American group of actors was also displayed, with a State Farm commercial discussing the “third eye” that parents sometimes have in observing their children.

The second was a nationwide premiere of “Yum Chat,” a five minute docuseries about Asian-American chefs and their prominent culinary influences. The episode featured styles of dumpling preparation from East and Southeast Asia, leaving the entire room craving for some hand-torn pieces of dough filled to the brim with a meat-and-vegetable paste.

Luckily, Admerasia served a Chinese meal courtesy of Twin Marquis (an advertising partner), which consisted of seaweed, four pieces of shrimp-laden sushi, and chicken and rise.

One News India Times reporter was in attendance.

Crazy Rich Asians, the first major all-Asian-American film produced by Hollywood since 1993’s Joy Luck Club, boasts an ensemble cast with such stars as Constance Wu, from Fresh off the Boat, Ronnie Chieng, of The Daily Show, and Jimmy O. Yang, known for his work on the hit HBO sitcom Silicon Valley.

A young, Chinese-American NYU economics professor falls in love with her boyfriend (played by Henry Golding, the film’s breakout performer, who worked as a travel host before being tapped for the role).

Unbeknownst to her, he is the heir apparent of an extraordinarily wealthy family, and he invites her to stay with his clan in their multimillion dollar home in Singapore, where they are treated like royalty.

An Asian reversal of Meet the Parents, the family matriarch, played by a sparking Eleanor Young, is consistently at odds with the woman her son has brought home, not believing her to be “Chinese enough” due to her upbringing in the United States.

The film explores both Western and Eastern notions of tradition, family, culture, and romance, establishing a welcome presence for Asian and Asian-American viewers, as well as non-Asian audience members who might cultivate insight from this brand of movie.

A pre-screening photo shoot


The Admerasia event began at 11:00 AM and concluded around 3:30 PM. Before the premiere, there was a short red carpet for donors to the organization and media, wherein everyone mingled with actors and Admerasia staff members, including Jeff Lin, the company’s co-founder.

Lin spoke about the paramount importance of the film for reorienting a predominantly white, male Hollywood production culture, and said that the event served to “celebrate they year’s [media successes] for Asians.”

Towards the end of the afternoon, complementary gift bags were provided to all attendees, which, fittingly, contained noodles, broth, and packets of dumplings.





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