Adarsh Gourav loves sinking deep into characters

Adarsh Gourav believes that physicality plays a key role in doing his characters. Photo: Hardly Anonymous Communications

Adarsh Gourav has emerged as an actor who seamlessly transitions between diverse characters. His breakthrough as Balram in Netflix’s The White Tiger catapulted him into international acclaim, earning him a nomination alongside luminaries like Riz Ahmed and Chadwick Boseman.

But Adarsh’s journey extends far beyond. His ability to metamorphose into the physical and “look” requirement of the characters he essays on screen showcases his versatility. Each time Adarsh has taken on a role, he has distinctively embodied the look of his character to perfection. From the audacious calisthenics instructor in Kho Gaye Hum Kahan, for which he underwent a tremendous physical fitness journey, to the gritty Chota Ganchi in Guns & Gulaabs, each role is not merely portrayed but almost inhabited. Adarsh has found the perfect way to sink into the look and adapt to the character and what it demands physically.

A collage of characters Adarsh Gourav has played until now. Photo: Hardly Anonymous Communications

In the web series Hostel Daze, Adarsh steps into the shoes of Ankit, a regular college boy. His portrayal of Mohit ‘Bunty’ Chadda in the film Mom with the late Sridevi also saw him in the look of a schoolboy.

Reflecting on his process, Adarsh shares, “I believe in understanding and empathizing with the person I embody on screen.” This commitment is evident in his preparation for roles like Balram Halwai in The White Tiger or Gourav in Extrapolation, where he immersed himself in the lives of real farmers’ widows in a remote Nagpur village.

He goes on, “I love the idea of transforming. It doesn’t always have to be something major. It can be something as small as your hair, facial hair, but I believe the look of the character has to complement the storyline. It really does a lot of the work when you’re essaying the part and making the audiences believe you. I love sinking deep into the roles I do, and physical attributes are a very key part of the process for me. Be it the regular college boy or the almost evil-like look of Balram to an urban young fitness instructor I have enjoyed the process of physically changing myself and my appearance.”




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