Actor Dwayne Johnson endorses Joe Biden, Kamala Harris


Los Angeles, September 27 (ANI): Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has endorsed Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris in the upcoming critical presidential election.


“As a political independent & centrist, I’ve voted for both parties in the past. In this critical presidential election, I’m endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, KINDNESS & RESPECT. We must ALL VOTE,” The Rock tweeted. Along with the tweet, the Jumanji actor also posted a video where he interacted with the former US Vice President and the California Senator as well.

In the video, he said, “We are approximately five weeks away from election day, arguably the most critical election our country has seen in decades. Now that said, I am going to be pushing this political conversation just a little bit more. As a registered independent for years now, with centrist ideologies, I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice for leading our country and I am endorsing them to become President and Vice President of our United States.”

He further said that he “never publicly endorsed” anyone for President and Vice President of the US.

In a conversation with the two — Harris and Biden — The Rock asked the two how would they earn respect if they were elected to the White House. “By doing what we say we would do. By keeping our word. By leveling with the American people. By taking responsibility. When we fail, acknowledge it. We’re not gonna be perfect, but take responsibility,” Biden told Johnson.

He added, “Say this is what I am going to do, this is what I believe and tell the truth. That sounds so basic, but the American people are strong, they are tough, they can take anything if you level with them and tell the truth. Our administration is going to look like America.”

When asked the same to Harris, the Senator replied, “You must speak the truth but here is the reality; the truth can sometimes be really difficult to hear and for that reason, people don’t speak it. But you cannot have trust if you don’t speak the truth.”
“As long as there is an understanding that is being spoken not to confront, not to hurt, but to deal with things, the way they must be handled. I think that has to be part of the core of what we do as we go forward, because we are facing as a country so many challenges” Harris added.

Harris further said that “we are going to have to be honest about what healing will require”.

“I’m a huge fan of everything from Fast & Furious to Jumanji, so this endorsement means a lot to me. Welcome to Team Joe, @TheRock.,” tweeted Harris.

The US Presidential Elections are scheduled to be held on November 3 this year. (ANI)



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