Aarya 3—Antim Vaar ends on a logical gruesome note!

Sushmita Sen in the gruesome climax of Aarya 3—Antim Vaar. Photo: Trailer Video Grab

From a philosophical and moral point of view, the ending of Aarya 3—Antim Vaar is gruesome but logical. The ‘spiritual side’ is maintained with shloks happening in so many instances in the four episodes that make up Part 2 of Season 3. However, a ‘filmi’ element is brought in with many sequences and happenings, especially in the last two episodes. Despite the ‘correct’ climax, which could be also said to be along expected lines, the use of tropes like those used here (I will not give spoilers!) tend the dilute the intense and believably real content of the series.

However, overall, the makers ensure that the emotional voltage of the previous seasons is maintained and a smoothness in the flow is also assured. In Part 2, Aarya is on a collision course with all her three children for obvious diverse reasons and must also deal with drug dealers, led by the Indian Nalini Sahiba (Ila Arun) and a dogged police officer, Khan (Vikas Kumar). Family loyalist acolyte Sampat (Vishwajeet Pradhan) also turns defiant and hostile when Aarya decides to surrender after her three children leave home to stay with her mother (Sohaila Kapur). And now, it’s time for Aarya to do some soul-searching and plan to also implement her final moves as a Durga incarnate, even if she is technically a criminal! After all, her main intention in continuing her drug business was to protect her children. Or so she imagined.

Sushmita Sen is now a natural in her role and she takes her performance to a new high. Sikandar Kher is a treat again as Daulat, now on good terms with Aarya again. Ila Arun is a delight as the amoral Nalini Sahiba and this may be her best acting role to date. Vishwajeet Pradhan invests a good effort in the dynamic graph of Sampat. As the kids, Viren Vazirani, Aarushi Bajaj and Pratyaksh Panwar are excellently in sync with the writing of their characters. The actor playing Nalini’s sadistic son is effective in a gimmicky way. The foreign actors—playing Russians and Blacks—are made to look like caricatures involved in ‘dialogue-baazi’ (clichéd one-liners) and fail to impress.

The technical values continue to soar, ditto the background score by Vishal Khurana, though the shloks used are muffled in most cases. The needlessly frequent repetition of the ’70s hit song, Bade acche lagte hain begins to jar, though. The directors and scriptwriters do an overall slick job and as a closure, Aarya 3 is worth a watch.


Disney+Hotstar presents Ram Madhvani Films’ & Endemol Shine India’s Aarya 3—Part 2 Created for India by Ram Madhvani   Produced by: Ram Madhvani, Amita Madhvani & Endemol Shine India  Directed by: Ram Madhvani, Kapil Sharma & Shraddha Pasi Jairath Written by: Khushboo Raj, Amit Raj & Anu Singh Choudhary  Music: Vishal Khurana Starring: Sushmita Sen, Sikandar Kher, Ila Arun, Viren Vazirani, Aarushi Bajaj, Pratyaksh Panwar, Sohaila Kapur, Maya Sarao,,Vishwajeet Pradhan, Vikas Kumar, Nishank Verma, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Shekhar, Shweta Pasricha & others



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