AAPI Charitable Foundation and Embassy of India in Guatemala holds healthcare camps

AAPI health care team that was part of the health camp in Guatemala. PHOTO: AAPI

The Embassy of India in Guatemala, in collaboration with the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin Charitable Foundation (AAPI-CF), COOITZA, Krishpar Healthcare S.A, the Santa Cruz Naranjo Health Center and Municipalities of Santa Cruz Naranjo and Santa Rosa Lima, jointly held medical camps in Santa Rosa Lima on Friday, April 26, and Santa Cruz Naranjo on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

These medical camps were aimed to serve the local communities by providing specialized and complimentary medical services to those in need, including consultations, diagnoses, and treatments across a range of specialties such as Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Gynecology, and Dermatology. Approximately1050 patients (400 at Santa Rosa Lima and 650 patients at Santa Cruz Niranjo) in visited the camp at both the locations and got free medical consultations from these specialists.

Local communities came to the AAPI Charitable Foundation health camps held jointly with Indian Embassy in Guatemala. PHOTO: AAPI

With a primary focus on promoting health equity and enhancing access to quality care, the AAPI Charitable Foundation signed an MoU with COOITZA on April 26th, 2024 in Santa Roza Lima to organize similar health camps in the future.

Some of the AAPI Charitable Foundation members in Guatemala. PHOTO: AAPI

The delegation of AAPI-CF physicians was comprised of Dr Ajeet Singhvi, Dr. Gaurav Singhvi, a gastroenterologist, Dr Kishan Agarwal, internal medicine, Dr Madhu Agarwal, an OB-GYN, Dr Shashi Shah, Dr Ravi Jahagirdar, urologist, Dr. Raj Bhayani, ENT facial plastic surgeon, Dr Shweta Singhvi, radiologist, Dr Mamta Singhvi, oncologist, and, Dr Brahma Sharma, cardiologist.

The Health camp also got significant support from COOITZA and the Santa Cruz Naranjo Health Center and Municipalities of Santa Cruz Naranjo and Santa Rosa Lima. COOITZA, established in 2019 with the objective of the social and economic improvement and focused on the development and improvement of life, through health products, was instrumental in providing invaluable logistical support to arrange the health camp.

Krishpar Healthcare S.A. played a vital role in the medical camp by providing essential medical support in the form of supplying necessary medicines. Their contribution ensured that the camp had the necessary resources to deliver comprehensive healthcare services to the attendees. By supplying medicines, Krishpar Healthcare S.A. helped to enhance the quality of care provided at the camp, enabling medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients effectively.

The support from the municipalities of Santa Rosa Lima and Santa Cruz was invaluable in the successful execution of the medical camp.

Sign showing the health care camp being held. PHOTO: AAPI

Ambassador Dr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra while extending his gratitude to all the stakeholders emphasized India’s unwavering commitment to healthcare support in Guatemala. He underscored the significant strides made by India in extending medical assistance globally, including Guatemala, as a testament to India’s dedication to fostering health equity and access to quality care. He highlighted India’s multifaceted approach to healthcare cooperation, encompassing capacity-building initiatives, provision of medical supplies, and collaborative projects aimed at strengthening healthcare infrastructure in Guatemala.

The Embassy is actively engaged in discussions with relevant government authorities to facilitate the provision of artificial limbs to individuals in the local Guatemalan community, with plans for an upcoming camp focused on this essential aspect of healthcare. It is anticipated that this initiative will be organized in the near future.

For more information about AAPI, visit: www.aapiusa.org



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