“A movie serves like a book”: Sanjay Mishra on importance of watching movies

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ poster, publicity material. PHOTO @Instagram (via ANI)

Mumbai, ANI, October 2 (ANI): Actor Sanjay Mishra is all set to bring forth his next film titled ‘Guthlee Ladoo,’ which not only addresses discrimination and serious societal issues but also emphasizes the importance of education rights.

In the film, Mishra takes on the role of a school principal and becomes the main protagonist in Guthlee’s fight for education rights.

Talking about his role in the film Mishra told ANI, “My role in the movie is of a common man, a general character that is found in many small towns. In the movie, I have an ancestral house. I wanted to become something else, I became a principal under pressure because of my father and all the other family things. Then, there comes a time when he feels that he should do something in life for others, and then he fights for Guthlee that why can’t he get admission.”

He added, “A movie serves like a book. When you watch a movie, it’s equal to reading a book. It can be a good book or a bad book. When the child is not taking medicine, then how do mom and dad feed him? The government and the society should show such movies to the children in all the good schools.”

“There is a good dialogue in the movie that — You guys are not in school even though you are physically present in school and Guthlee is in school even though he is out of school. So, this is the story of those children who want to study in schools.”

When asked about the actress he wanted to work with, he replied, “I had seen the film ‘Pardes’ and I liked Mahima Chaudhary. I am doing a film with her. In Pardes, Indian look and character also suited her a lot.”

On asked about the career option he would have chosen if he were not an actor, he said, “It would be anything that is related to art and cinema. It would be on camera. If not in camera, it would be in art direction but it would be related to cinema only.”

As to what he considered a better option between OTT and theaters, he replied, “There must have been a time when there would have been only one cinema hall, people would go there only. Then gradually there would have been many cinema halls, so everyone would have started going to cinema halls closer to their areas. Then gradually the house became a cinema hall as people indulged in ‘I and my mobile’ thing and they forgot the rest. They are busy in the reels, and they want things like two-minute Maggi, but see the taste of Sooji ka halwa. Now people don’t interact. If we go to the theater, we meet ten people and interact.”

The story line of ‘Guthlee Ladoo’ centers around the connected lives of Guthlee and Ladoo, two friends from disadvantaged backgrounds in the midst of societal prejudices and aspirations.

Ladoo is satisfied with the simplicity of his life, while Guthlee strives for more because he wants education and a better future. Their divergent viewpoints serve as the backdrop for a story that examines tenacity and the pursuit of equality.

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ stars Sanjay Mishra, Dhanay Sheth, Subrat Dutta, and Kalyani Mulay. It is directed by Ishrat R Khan and produced by Pradeep Rangwani. The movie will hit theatres on October 13 with a potent story, a talented cast, and relevant topics.



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