75th birthday of Viswayogi Maharaj celebrated at Shirdi Sai Cultural Center in New Jersey

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh receives award from Sri Sri Viswayogi Maharaj.

The 75th birthday of Sri Sri Viswayogi Maharaj is being celebrated with a series of celebrations on the 5th of every month until March 5, 2019, at the Shirdi Sai Cultural Center in Iselin, New Jersey.

A program held on September 5 was attended by Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, founder and chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media, as well as many other devotees.

The program consisted of a Sai Pujan, Vedic chanting by kids, a classical dance performance on Visheashtakam, a violin recital and singing of bhajans.

Awards were given to Dr. Parikh as well as Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori, who appreciated Dr. Parikh’s philanthropic contribution, and Ashok Vyas of ITV Gold.

Dr. Parikh said that this award is very important to him and that his goal in the media realm is to serve and offer nourishing entertainment for youth.

A violin performance at the celebration.

“I strongly believe that you cannot do what you want to do if you don’t have blessings from a divine person. I work 16 hours a day doing community service. I have established the Vraj Temple, and am a part of AAPI, the India Day Parade and much more. I have acquired four newspapers and a 24/7 TV channel so I can serve the community and empower the second generation. I am lucky to have so many connections because of the blessings I have received from various divine people including Viswayogi Maharaj and Sathya Sai Baba,” Dr. Parikh said.

Viswayogi Maharaj then blessed everyone and called for a special focus to bring India and the US closer together for a better world. He asked intellectuals and journalists to spread love and unity and also called for working collectively towards maintaining harmony in all the natural elements.

Among many devotees was a Yoga practitioner named Laura, who drove four hours to be in the presence of Viswayogi Maharaj.

Dr. Sudhir Parikh helps Sri Sri Viswayogi Maharaj cut his cake.

“Swami ji is always with me. He lives in my heart, he guides my thoughts, and he guides my life and protects me. He teaches me that the only way of life is love, light and brotherhood,” Laura said.

Laura, who calls India her home, shared her experience of being cured of her ailment that she suffered with for 31 years because of Viswayogi Maharaj.

“I can always fell his presence during my meditations,” she added.

The September celebration of Viswayogi Maharaj’s 75th birthday ended with a cake cutting ceremony and offering of prasad.



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