3 Indians among 2018 ‘Asia 21 Young Leaders’


Three Indian professionals were named 2018 ‘Asia 21 Young Leaders’ by the Asia Society and will be joining others from the Asia Pacific region for the 13th Annual Young Leaders Summit in Manila, Philippines.

Roshan Paul is the co-founder and CEO of Amani Institute, a new model of higher education that helps people build impactful careers, which has become a $1 million financially sustainable nonprofit with offices in Kenya, Brazil, and India, just within five years.

He is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Behavioral Science and has lectured at over 40 universities globally, along with writing two books.

Abhay Saboo is the co-founder of IQ Education, Viva Health, and YOU.

IQ Education is a new after-school tutoring concept that re-imagines the way children learn while Viva Health’s 130 pharmacies and clinics have provided access to technology and quality healthcare to over two million mass-market consumers in Indonesia.

Roopam Sharma is scientist and innovator, who create social impact through disruptive technological inventions to solve perennial problems.

Other members of the 2018 Class of Asia 21 Young Leaders include Rashna Imam from Bangladesh, Ravi Kumar and Pradip Pariyar from Nepal, Manizha Wafeq from Afghanistan and Anam Zakaria from Pakistan.

The 2018 Class of Asia 21 Young Leaders adds to a dynamic pool of more than 900 influential professionals under the age of 40 from 40 nations who are engaged in thought leadership, dialogue, and meaningful collaborations for positive impact on both local and global levels, according to the Asia Society.

Asia 21 seeks to create and foster an unparalleled network of accomplished young professionals from across the Asia Pacific region, representing the new generation of leaders in government, business, arts, media, and the nonprofit sector.



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