22-year-old Indian-American running for Governor in California

Shubham Goel (Courtesy: shubhamgoel.com)

Indian-American Shubham Goel, 22, is running for Governor in the state of California and plans to be a tech-savvy one.

According to a DNA report, Goel has been campaigning throughout the state and even posted videos on Twitter talking about the importance of transparency and how we can get rid of corruption in politics.

“I am running for governor because I want to show people that you don’t need to be rich, good looking, charismatic, upper class, corrupt, a D-list celebrity or politically well-connected (via nepotism, etc.) to make a difference,” he wrote in an op-ed posted on Twitter.

In another video that he posted on Twitter, Goel explains how he wants to implement technology within the political system.

“Technology has been able to fix a lot of issues. I want to run for governor just to implement technologically feasible platforms,” Goel said in the video.

“I’m running for Governor of California as the youngest candidate to fix the state for all people using feasible and technological solutions. All people of California are struggling & now is the moment 4 change,” he added.

Goel graduated from the University of California after studying economics and cinema, he started working as an Virtual Reality Manager in October, according to a Times of India report.

He also wants to increase the representation of the Indian community in California.

Goel will be running against 27 other candidates on June 5 to replace Jerry Brown, who has served two four-year terms.




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