Indian American charged with wire fraud after stealing nearly $1M worth of cable service


Indian American Rishi K. Sharma has been charged with wire fraud after he did not pay for cable service worth more than $927,000 in 2015 and 2016.

According to a WFTV9 report, the FBI has said that Sharma had ordered service from Time Warner Cable under a company name and when he did not pay the bill, the service was terminated after 90 days.

Sharma, who lives in Florida according to a Rolling Out report, then opened another account under a slightly different company name and continued to do so.

Officials say that Sharma opened a total of 68 accounts under different names in various cities in New York and Ohio, and did not pay a single penny on the bill.

When WFTV9 paid a visit to Sharma, he closed the front door and threatened to call the police, according to news reports.

His brother A.J. says that he is innocent.