PVR Inox’s 30-minute Trailer Screening Show is a hit

In a world first, PVR Inox, India’s largest multiplex chain, has initiated a 30-minute Trailer Show at the cost of a rupee. Photo: Weber-Shandwick

PVR Inox’s 30-minute Trailer Screening show is a hit among the audiences with over 250,000 tickets sold in 50 days, claims the multiplex chain, and the media release states that the innovation has proved successful with audience retention rate at more than 40 percent!

Audiences in Mumbai are said to be loving this the most, followed by Delhi and Bangalore. This initiative has been duly appreciated by industry stakeholders, adds the media release.

The innovation was introduced in the month of April, and offers a unique cinematic experience to the viewers, whereby they can watch 10 to 12 trailers of the most anticipated films at an amazing price of just Re. 1!

Other than the audiences, production houses and filmmakers too have expressed their appreciation for this innovation. Besides enthralling the movie-lovers across the country, the 30-minute quick and “snackable” entertainment package is also serving those audiences well who have to spend time in the malls.

Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO at PVR INOX, stated, “It is heartening to witness the enthusiasm from moviegoers across the country. The Trailer Screening Show has not only excited the film lovers, but has also succeeded in helping us promote the film in the best possible manner – through trailer showcasing. With an extremely encouraging retention rate of more than 40 percent, the effectiveness of the initiative is there to be seen. We are delighted to have created an exclusive first-of-its-kind platform that benefits not just our patrons but also the filmmakers. We remain committed to curating unique and engaging initiatives that enhance the cinema experience for our patrons.”

Vidyut Jammwal, actor and producer, says, “This is a pioneering initiative within the industry, which has already achieved significant success and is poised to continue trending in the future. Providing a platform to showcase trailers of upcoming releases helps bridge the gap between audience and the films, while preserving the excitement and momentum. I am delighted with the positive response received from cinema guests for the IB71 trailer, and I am confident that more production houses will join this trend as it facilitates effortless promotion and recognition for highly-anticipated films scheduled for release. I am sure this wonderful platform would do more wonders in the future.”

Denzil Dias, V-P and Managing Director, India Theatrical, Warner Bros. Discovery, adds, “Our films are best experienced on a big screen, so it is natural that our fans should also view trailers on the big screen. With the introduction of The Trailer Show now the audience can watch trailers in the format that our filmmaker always sought for their promos.  It’s a simple yet incredibly efficient way for us to promote films, as trailers provide the best glimpses of the upcoming movies. It is critical that these important two minutes be presented in the best possible way to attract viewers. We witnessed a fabulous response when the Fast X and Evil Dead Rise trailers were featured in the show. This is the world’s first-ever trailer show.”

Sharing his views, Shony Panjikaran, General Manager, Sony Pictures Releasing International, India, says, “Nothing can beat the experience of watching films at the theatres, and PVR Inox has always provided moviegoers with an unsurpassed experience. So, it’s only fair that trailers that are a glimpse of these films should also be enjoyed amidst these unmatched premium settings. We congratulate the PVR Inox team for devising such an innovative platform, which is benefitting every stakeholder in the industry, besides proving to be a great entertainment offering for the audiences.”

Our view:

If multiplexes can afford tickets for such shows (which will be barely a packed house even if claimed as a ‘hit’) at Re. 1, they surely need not charge extravagantly for films, big, moderate or small. If IB71 was all that “anticipated”, it would have done better with reasonable admission rates. As things stand, it is a big flop. Plus, the main audience-destroyer and business killer—the criminally-high F&B rates—must be controlled as well. Films continue to be queerly titled, poorly promoted and be devoid of music that pulls in crowds, and all this will be only more evident in the trailers of the Hindi films. So while people may find the TQ (Theatrical Quotient) of some foreign films and a big Hindi film or too high, and not mind the rupee they have spent here, the final result might even eb a shade counter-productive.



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