NRS Pay’s Cash Discount Revolution: Freedom of Choice

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Prior to the 1950s, when the first credit card was introduced, most customers paid for their purchases with cash. Credit cards became more convenient when customers no longer had to carry loose cash to pay at checkout. Moreover, credit cards became a safer way for customers to pay for items, as they allowed the customer to have control over their finances and did not require them to carry large amounts of cash that could easily be lost or stolen. Credit cards have grown in popularity over the years, and their use continues to rise due to the numerous benefits credit card companies provide. However, when customers use their credit cards to pay for purchases, merchants are taking a hit and, consequently, being forced to pay additional fees.

To address these concerns, credit card companies have been offering “cash discount programs.” A cash discount program allows the store owner to accept credit card payments while providing discounts to customers who pay with cash. The POS automatically tabulates cash prices, and customers get a cash discount at the register. A cash discount program is ideal for any retailer that processes a high volume of credit card transactions.

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Cash discount programs are becoming increasingly popular with retailers and are well-received by customers. National Retail Solutions, known for its powerful point of sale (POS) system, has a credit card processing service, NRS Pay. Thousands of satisfied merchants save money nationwide with NRS Pay credit card processing. NRS Pay is gaining popularity fast for offering honest, clean credit card processing services without hidden fees, long-term, locked-in contracts, or early termination fees. NRS Pay offerings include two ideal programs for independent retailers: Clean Rate, at just 2.49% + 10¢, with a ten-dollar monthly account fee, and Cash Discount, which is free (monthly fee waived) for a business processing over $18K/mo., and otherwise costs just $49.95/month flat.

NRS Pay Cash Discount works with the NRS POS system to speed checkout and help merchants save money. The POS calculates list prices that take into account that merchants pay when accepting credit cards. On the NRS POS customer-facing display, the option to pay cash with a discounted price is also displayed. It allows customers to pay with a credit card and earn miles, points, and rewards or save money at the register with cash.

Elie Y. Katz, president, and CEO of NRS, says, “We are strong advocates for independent retailers who need affordable technology to compete in the big box arena. We are especially concerned that merchants not be ripped off by credit card processing companies. Credit card processors can easily take advantage of customers by assessing hidden fees. The contracts tend to have lots of legal fine print, which can be confusing and deceptive. From the founding of NRS pay, it’s been our mission to be transparent and straightforward, and we never lock a customer into a contract. We want our customers to feel safe and comfortable accepting credit card payments, and we very seriously honor integrity.”

Choosing NRS Pay’s Cash Discount program can help a busy brick-and-mortar store owner succeed by making credit card acceptance more affordable and offering customers a choice of how to pay at checkout. Every NRS Pay plan includes a free credit card terminal, which integrates seamlessly with the NRS POS.

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