HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Lonely hearts can rejoice in the fact that they are close to finding their soul mates. A recently concluded deal may not be as lucrative as it seemed. You manage to remove all differences with partner. Keeping the lines of communications open will be to your advantage. Inadequate returns in the present job will force some to quit and look towards greener pastures.

Your close associates will find it difficult to support you in a new venture due to paucity of time. Those working hard to get back in shape may have to work still harder. Your flirting can send wrong signals to those around you. You are likely to be adjudged the best in a competition. After you have convinced yourself, it is best not to delay signing a financial document.

All round achievement on the work front will keep you in a buoyant mood. A changed diet plan suits you well and will find you in the best of health and spirits. A colleague is supportive and will help you out of a tight corner. Those embarking on a journey will need to remain cautious all throughout. Lovers are likely to stick to their word bringing them closer.

Good focus and concentration will let some students make good progress in preparing for a competition. Some of you are likely to get serious about coming back in shape. A loan given in good faith will take some more time in being returned despite promises. Meeting distant relations in a family get together promises to take you down the memory lane.

In the coming week, you can expect to achieve success in your professional field, which will bring you honour and respect. A financial situation will need your immediate attention. Help you had been counting on will make a positive difference.
Those adopting yoga or an exercise regime are likely to discover the benefits for themselves.

Big projects and plans give you a thrill, and you will be able to complete them to your utmost satisfaction. Work for which an advance has been paid may need to be monitored closely. Savings will be put to good use by some. Those burdened with mental tensions will be able to achieve peace of mind. Family life will be immensely satisfying as spouse and children are caring and supportive.

You will have plenty of time to indulge in your favourite hobby. Good advice is likely to help you make a profitable investment. A happy encounter with someone you admire will leave you cheerful. Your longing for lover will be fully rewarded. Students will be able to cope up with additional load. At workplace you will be able to make much progress on lagging projects.

You will find a deadline difficult to meet on the work front. Keep your ego under control at work, especially while dealing with seniors. You are likely to misplace an expensive item or forget to take back the change while shopping. Condition of a family elder is likely to improve. Don’t be too trusting of an opposite number you had met recently, as stars foretell caution.

Professionals looking for a job switch may have to strive hard for a good break. This is not the time to press your luck on the financial front as loss is indicated. A new diet will begin to show positive results in your quest for getting back in shape. Domestic chores if not planned properly can leave you fatigued. A meeting with lover may need to be cancelled due to a prior engagement.

Irregular routine of a family youngster can irk you and lead to an ugly scene. You are generally good with finances, but a weak moment may find you wasting money on people who are not even your friends. Work front is your saviour this week as you go all out to impress higher ups. Your unique style will help you take positive strides towards your professional goals.

A spat with a neighbour may sour relations. A fat commission is likely to find your bank balance swell. Lover’s indifference may make your patience run thin. Meeting an old friend is likely to cheer you up. A missing piece of jewellery or an expensive item you had been searching for long will pop up most unexpectedly. Achievement of a family youngster will make you feel proud.

A positive frame of mind will find you hale and hearty. Professionals can expect a substantial income this week. Your good grip of the situation will make you an automatic leader at work. A tie-up with another company will prove profitable for some industrialists. Check the expiry date before consuming medicine. Something troubling lover can make him or her irritable.



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