HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Spouse or a family member will help you plan something that needs to be done urgently on the domestic front. Monetary incentive is likely for some in recognition for a job well done. Health tips acted upon will improve health. Your large heartedness can win the admiration of subordinates. Financial front will be in the pink of health.

A change made at workplace will prove to be a wise decision. Rough seas are likely to be encountered on the romantic front. Eating out may be fun for you, but not for your health! Some students will be able to restore their self-esteem by providing excellent results. Your effective thinking in financial front will help you in managing the financial crisis in a better way.

Those not satisfied by their looks can go in for an image makeover. Creative work is likely to ignite your rich imagination. Young lovers are likely to spend the time together. Pulling out all the stops in achieving what you want at work or on the academic front will find you in a position of strength soon. Despite hectic schedule you will manage to find time for family.

Placing your personal work before official tasks may not be appreciated by co-workers. Favourable results can be expected in academics. Someone is desperate for your attention; take a step forward only if you are serious. People trying for jobs abroad may face some hurdles. Maintaining regular walks and exercises will help keep you fit.

A professional breakthrough is likely to catapult you to greater heights. You will motivate someone to join you for giving shape to your idea. Homemakers will be able to save considerably in the home front with excellent planning of household activities with available resources. You will be able to make your lover happy and keep the warmth of love between you keep going.

Professionally you will experience a good week ahead. Businessman will get an opportunity to invest in a profitable project. Be careful with your diet to prevent yourself from stomach ailments. People on the lookout for matrimonial alliance will succeed in getting suitable match. If you plan your finance well then you can afford a luxurious item which is there in your mind.

There is a certain positive indication on the professional front as your hard work brings in positive results. Household issues will be expertly handled as you take full responsibility for them. You will have to get into the habit of exercise and routine workouts to remain in shape. Do not forget the promises made to your lover if you want to have a peaceful, trouble less love life.

The coming week may find you touching the heights on the academic front. You will have to undertake a patch up work at professional front and this would require you to spare some time. Financial front is likely to stabilise once you review your investment options. Domestic life will have its ups and downs, but you will manage to navigate the rough waters well.

Your focus may need to be sharp to excel on the academic front. Opportunity knocks for those trying to change their line of work. You are going to bid farewell to a long standing heath issue. Your humble nature and pleasing attitude will impress your lover. You will have to plan your finances well this week, else you may face serious financial crisis.

You will be able to clear the air regarding a misunderstanding on the work front. Signing a property deal is indicated for some. Recovery for the ailing may take time, but will not cause any problems. People involved in constant travelling may develop fatigue. You may find it difficult to convince your partner on some issues and this may make you lose your patience.

The coming week brings in fresh energies and excellent time. The mental tensions troubling you will vanish. Students involved in preparation for competitive exams will be able to maintain better focus and concentration. You may get affected with some infection until you take proper care of your health. You may involve with a person of opposite gender which may ultimately blossom into love.

A visit to your distant relatives is on cards for some. You will make an excellent tactical move and this will place you in a comfortable position in your professional front. You may experience some hurdles in payment of loan, however you may manage to find some resources. People who have recently had their marriage need to be careful to understand one another.



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