HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Investment in stocks & mutual funds would help in earning profits. You are likely find comfort in the arms of romantic partner. Be ready to travel with a challenge, new connections will help you. Your partner’s desire for an apartment might lead to its destination. You succeed in maintaining a distance from affairs that don’t concern you at all.

Channelizing energy for positive changes on health front would immensely benefit you. The coming week would require some urgent & quick decisions to turn the tide in your favor at professional front. Good time to get involved into activities that interests you. Make sure you do not overspend on household luxuries. Don’t give into unnecessary demands of romantic partner.

Crucial decisions regarding job should be put off for another week. You need to remain calm & tension-free to enjoy a sound health. Take a trip, as there is some place waiting for you. It might be the right time to sale your empty plot as property rates are at peak this week. You are likely to contemplate a new construction programme.

You are likely to establish yourself a good manager on managing people and situation without any problem. A promising week is foreseen to plan things for your progeny. Improvement in finances is certain. Partner brings immense romantic pleasure even if work pressure occupies your mind Positive outlook impresses those around you besides keeping you fit & fine.

To gain something we have to lose something. This is the success of maintaining relationship. Take your parents into confidence regarding your new projects and plans. Avoid overspending on entertainment and luxuries. Love and romantic encounter will keep you in a cheerful state. Health will be fine despite some mental pressures.

Be careful with whom you deal financially during this week. If possible, give the gift of time to beloved/lover. Avoid disclosing personal secrets even to your close relatives. Understand your body and at the same time avoid the food that does not go well with it to keep ailments a bay. Make sure you keep team spirit going to achieve higher professional goals.

Don’t force your opinion on others in the family. Your investment on overseas plans might give some impact on your bank balance. Be prepared to say no to people who expect too much in financial matters. You need to hold romantic emotions and shouldn’t do anything making you repent later. Make the best use of your energy to enjoy a sound health.

Speculation coupled with some unexpected gains improves your financial health. Romance rules heart & mind this week. Chances of recovering from physical illness are on the cards. Travel opportunities full of challenges are often the beginning of great enterprises. Being too choosy in investing plans can lose the property you are looking for.

Avoid being volunteer to overspend otherwise you will have to come home empty pocket. Use your discretion power in love this week. Knowing your calories would enable to keep yourself fit. If your family loves to travel, then put together some ideas to help you. Location is the key to any property you purchase, so go through it very well.

Love comes your way as friendship turns into romance. Your confidence and energy will be high this week. Destination with a great deal is on your way, be ready for traveling. Your investment plans are at full boom and you might succeed in them. In the company of friends you are likely to enjoy, as many good things happen at a same time.

Long-term investment in stocks & mutual funds will enable to earn profits. Sudden romantic encounter is foreseen this week. You need to relax and get involved in hobbies that you enjoy doing the most. You will be highly benefited by making the fullest use of communication skills and the ability to handle any pressurized situation.

Make sure you don’t get sentimental on lover/beloveds comments. Your energy level will be high. The deals which you are looking forward might be delayed due to increase in property rates. Use your strong determination & decision-making trait to face unusual & challenging situations with ease at professional front. It would be in your interest if you avoid easily get friendly with others.



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