HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


(March 21-April 20)
You may have to face some uncomfortable questions on the social front. An old ailment may play up and make you suffer. Some of you may get an out of town posting, which is not to your liking. Finding a suitable place to stay may pose difficulty. Stiff competition on the academic front may affect your morale. Match making process may be underway for the eligible in the family. Curb wastage on the financial front.
Lucky No.: 5
Lucky Colour: Sea Green

(April 21-May 20)
You may hold ill will against someone at work. Chances of botching up an important matter cannot be ruled out. Financial problems may give you sleepless nights. You will be inclined to put in your bit in an ongoing project at work and reap rich rewards. An upcoming celebration on the social front promises to keep you happily engaged. Falling in love with someone of your style and tastes cannot be ruled out! A tiff with spouse is possible.
Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Beige

(May 21-June 21)
This is the right time to take the bull by the horns. You are likely to preempt what is required to be done on the professional front, even before being told. A feather in the cap is likely for those who have taken up higher studies. You will save much by going in only for discounts and bargains. Those ailing will do themselves a favour by undergoing medical check-up. Your romantic aspirations are likely to be realised.
Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: White

(June 22-July 22)
Someone calling a spade a spade is likely to convince you most tellingly. You will be meticulous in whatever you accomplish on the professional front in this week. Superiors are likely to delegate additional powers to you at work. Those fearing the worst on the health front can rest easy as no major problems are foreseen. Financially, you will have enough to indulge in a bit of splurging! You will be able to resurrect your flagging love life.
Lucky No.: 9
Lucky Colour: White

(July 23-August 23)
There is someone waiting for you to do as you had promised. You are likely to come in total control of things in your sphere of activity. Academic front may find you brimming with confidence and ready to take on the competition. Your excellent communication skills will keep you on the right side of those who matter. Financial front grows stronger as you come across big money. You are likely to outdo others in gaining popularity.
Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: Peach

(August 24-September 23)
Right timing is the key for you to achieve, what you have set out for. You may be instrumental in carrying out some major changes on the home front. Professionally, you are likely to outdo others. Excellent performance on the academic front may bring you nearer to a scholarship. Health is set to improve for those feeling under the weather. There is much that is not happening on the romantic front, so do something about it.
Lucky No.: 17
Lucky Colour: Violet

(September 24-October 23)
You may have to be on your toes, as someone most demanding may harass you. A lukewarm response to something organised by you is indicated. Someone you have passing acquaintance with may start giving romantic feelers, but take your call. Undertaking a journey to meet someone close is on the cards. You will need to be attentive to the directions of a senior to avoid embarrassment later. Don’t leave money matters to someone else, handle them yourself.
Lucky No.: 18
Lucky Colour: Cream

(October 24-November 22)
You may have to exercise your influence urgently, if you don’t want an opportunity to slip through your fingers. If you are trying to win someone over to your side, you can fail miserably. Office politics may get the better of you. Taking things lightly on the work front can get you into trouble. Money due to you may be delayed. Your depleting bank balance seems alarming, so do something about it. You may go on a vacation.
Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

(November 23-December 21)
A special week is indicated. Your set routine is likely to prove beneficial for health. Increased earning is indicated and will help ease your financial situation. You are likely to take up a responsibility on the professional front and discharge it satisfactorily. Much love and understanding is indicated with spouse. Remaining cool is the key to your victory over your adversaries on the social front. You will not be taken in by false promises on the romantic front.
Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Lemon

(December 22-January 21)
A responsibility given to you at work will need resources, so get cracking. You are likely to gain some importance on the family front by interacting socially. Making new friends is possible. A pleasurable evening is foreseen with lover on the romantic front. Those who love to drive will get an opportunity to undertake a long journey. You may feel reluctant to part with your money, even if it is for a genuine reason.
Lucky No.: 15
Lucky Colour: White

(January 22-February 19)
You will remain in the right frame of mind and discharge your duties well. Some good investment opportunities may come your way. You may complete a workplace task to the best of your ability, but may not feel fully satisfied. Some tense moments are likely for those in involved in a selection process, but success is foretold. You will have to curb your habit of volunteering information not asked for, as it may cause friction on the family front.
Lucky No.: 2
Lucky Colour: Peach

(February 20-March 20)
Those looking for a suitable job may not find things favourable. Too much academic pressure may be on your head and may even make you desperate. People who have been avoiding you in the past will appear more communicative. A change in attitude may find you much closer to someone than before. Smooth going on the work front will enable you to implement something new. Those in love will commit their undying love for each other.
Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: Light Blue



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