Young computer engineer from India dead soon after arriving in U.S., cause still to be determined

Praveen Sinha, 33, a computer software engineer who came from India in January, was found dead in his apartment in Ohio on April 4 from causes yet to be determined by police. (Photo: “Everything seemed perfect”)

Software engineer Praveen Sinha, 33, who came from India to join a company in Warren County, Ohio this January, was found dead in his apartment this April 4. Cause of death is a mystery that police say may be revealed once the final autopsy report is out some time in June.

According to a news report in, Sinha was studying for his driver’s license test and told his family in India he was too busy exploring the neighborhood to watch much television.  The generally happy young man was cooking chapatis when he died, according to family members, the news report says. Sinha had no medical problems and had been checked before he left for the U.S., family members said.

He had made phone calls the night before his body was found on the floor of his apartment. He has a brother, Naveen Sinha, in Atlanta, who started a GoFundme page April 8. “Praveen by nature is a very gentle, always smiling, friendly, warm welcoming human.  Never does he know to complain,” his brother Naveen says on the GoFundme page.

Police were called to the apartment when Sinha’s co-worker whom he accompanied to work, could not contact him and he did not show up for work the next day. Police say the final autopsy report which is expected in June will help determine the cause, reported.

The GoFundMe page “Everything seemed perfect” shows that by May 11, $17,476 was raised from 301 donations. The goal is to raise $20,000.

“This could have been another beautiful life story if NOT (sic) came abruptly to a closure,” says the message on GoFundme.
“He had the same dreams like everyone else to make it BIG in the land of opportunity,” says his brother on GoFundme.
In March, Praveen Sinha’s wife, Shweta, joined him. “Everything seemed perfect and life going in perfect harmony,” the account posted on GoFundme says.  His wife was away to visit Naveen Sinha’s family in Atlanta when his death occurred April 3.
“He did not have any ailments that could determine his sudden demise,” the account notes.  Friends, Family and everyone who knew him were shocked and found it hard to believe that he was dead. His body was being taken for cremation in India, and the GoFundme was launched to help the family meet unforeseen expenses. “The funds collected will be handed over to Praveen’s spouse to provide her with some financial support in this difficult time,” says the GoFundme page.



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