Winners in California and Iowa Democratic primaries

Congressman Dr. Ami Bera, D-California.
Congressman Ro Khanna, D-California. PHOTO:
Dr. Megan Srinivas. PHOTO:

Three Indian-Americans, including incumbent Congressmen Ami Bera, and Ro Khanna of California, and aspiring candidate Megan Srinivas of Iowa, all representing the

Democratic party won in their recent primaries held June 7, 2022.

These candidates, who support issues such as commonsense gun reforms, abortion rights, canceling student debt, tackling inflation, documented dreamers’ legislation, improving education, better jobs, and climate change reforms, are now looking forward to contesting in the general elections November 8.

Dr. Bera, a physician, representing the 7th Congressional District in California, supports abortion rights, commonsense gun reforms, and documented dreamers, who face self-deportation after aging out at 21, a cause he has been advocating strongly with the American CHILDRENS Act.

Ro Khanna, who represents California’s 17th Congressional District has advocated for strong gun control measures. “Now, more than ever, we must enact common-sense gun control legislation. Americans attending school, going to a theater, or going to church services should not have to fear for their lives. We must enact policies that will save lives.”

Khanna supports other issues such as protecting women’s rights, canceling student debts, safeguarding civil liberties, supporting immigration reforms, healthcare for all, and preserving the environment.

Iowa’s Megan Srinivas, a physician specializing in Infectious Diseases. won the Democratic primary from House District 30, in what was a tough race. “Megan Srinivas will represent Democrats in the race to represent Iowa House District 30 after an expensive and at times heated battle for the party’s nomination,” the Des Moines Register tweeted on June 7.

Indian American Impact, a PAC that supports candidates for public office, said in a statement it was “thrilled” to have endorsed her and that she would always put Iowans first.

Dr. Srinivas is focusing her campaign on issues such as improving education, supporting abortion rights, good jobs and better wages, climate change as a health priority, and commonsense gun reforms.

She tweeted, “This isn’t just a win for our campaign – it’s a victory for anyone in the Southside that has ever felt unheard or unrepresented. I’m here to say that I hear you, and as our campaign looks to the general election, you can be sure I’ll be showing up to your door to listen to what you want to see done up at the Capitol.”

“From the beginning, we rose above the dirty politics and baseless attacks and stayed focused on what was important – the needs of the families of Des Moines’ Southside,” Srinivas said upon her primary victory, adding, “We put our faith in the idea that the voters of Iowa House District 30 would support us based on our agenda and we were right to trust them.”

Srinivas grew up in Iowa, and on her website, she notes her parents chose Iowa as home because of the good education system, the opportunities for working families, and safe neighborhoods. “But during the last several years, those things have changed,” she said.



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