‘Windy City – In Pursuit Of Perfection’


Chicago, IL

Gunjan Badjatya, a Chicago based  film maker recently talked to Desi Talk about his movie “Windy City- In Pursuit of Perfection”. The film deals with ​deeply embedded ​inequality and injustice in society. It ​uses dark comedy for potent social commentary that makes ​one chuckle along with it.

The main characters of the movie, Jay and Bobby aspire to start a business through honest means. But societal pressures draw them into the darker  side of Chicago. The city is portrayed through this  lens drawing on its complicated history as a place defined by both its greatness and its seamy underbelly.

“I am trying to convey the journey from innocence to intelligence, that everyone can relate to, through the perspective of two young Indian Americans who compromise themselves in order to succeed through a corrupt city hall and the pragmatic nature of the city.” Badjatya told DesiTalk.

​The characters go through an interesting series of events and ultimately do redeem themselves and everyone else in the movie. Vincent, a city hall official helps Jay and Bobby after they help campaign for him. Marty, a seemingly honest politician, wants to clean up the city in an effort to look good ahead of the elections. Larry is the land owner who approves the club on his property after his own pressures in the real estate business. Interestingly, the storyline intertwines the characters in a way that none of them would have been able to get into so much trouble on their own- it would only be possible through a comedic rendezvous at the right place and right time.

‘Windy City- In Pursuit of Perfection’ was screened at New York Film Academy this year. Badjatya said he has been writing a new script about his college days experiences. He plans to make twelve episodes based on twelve guiding principles of Hinduism trying to expose the fallacies in the conformist ideology being taught in the upbringing of Indian-Americans and how it needs to change.



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