Web Review: Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet vindicates title

Kapil Sharma shows his serious side along with his humor in his autobiographical Netflix show. Photo: Publicis-Consultants Asia 

Kapil Sharma’s humor, surely, is not done yet! A key element of his funniness is his long-witnessed ability to laugh at himself, and over here, Kapil exercises this strength very often. It really starts with his look-back at his controversial phase when in a drunk mode, he tweeted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi one late night, creating a media uproar that found journalists waiting outside his building even before he woke up the next morning!

Then we have the rumor that Salman Khan (co-producer of The Kapil Sharma Show) came and broke his legs because the show was supposed to be losing TRPs (Television Rating Points or viewership scores)!

Self-deprecatingly, he talks about how he would come riding a second-hand two-wheeler to college, while his wife, Ginni (then just a girl associated with him in local theatrical performances) would come in a posh car. Ginni is in the audience and endears herself to us viewers with her frank, winning smiles and statements.

Kapil narrates his life, unfortunately, with big gaps that become narrative gaffes. There is little focus on his other wins in the comedy contests he won so effortlessly, as it was not just one The Great Indian Laughter Challenge that made him soon grow to get a show of his own.

And while talking so much about his late father (which is really heartfelt), he shirks mention of the crucial point fans were dying to know: How did he shift to comedy after such serious work? How did he discover the unending fount of fun within him? Did it have a role in Ginni’s participation in his life? Unanswered questions, all!

In a near one-hour feature, we also miss references to his illustrious colleagues on the show, some a part of his past controversy. Even a tongue-in-cheek reference to them would have made all the difference. Kapil also avoids mentioning his earlier twin forays into cinema, out of which the serious one, his own co-production, Firangi, had proved a calamity.

On the other hand, his early encounters with Mumbai city are truly funny, and the poha (flattened rice flakes dish popular among Maharashtrians as a snack) incident is hilarious.

Kapil’s old association with music is highlighted. And though clearly lip-synched by him—the easy rendition in English is a giveaway, given Kapil’s uneasy relationship with English!—the tuneful music and meaningful words of his ode to his father are a highlight. The song is written and composed wonderfully by Arko Pravo Mukherjee.

To sum up, even at his worst, Kapil can never be boring. But even as his serious parts here are sweet and moving, and his humor relatable as always, the omissions stop avoidably short of making this film a comprehensive look-back at a unique persona.

Rating: ***

Netflix presents Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet Produced by: Deepak Dhar, Akshit Lahoria, Rishi Negi & Gurjot Singh Directed by: Sahil Chhabaria Written by: Anukalp Goswami & Kapil Sharma Starring: Kapil Sharma



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