Vamsimadhav C. Korrapati pleads no contest to recklessly endangering children


NEW YORK – Indian American doctor Vamsimadhav C. Korrapati of Basking Ridge, New Jersey was charged with molesting a then-11-year-old boy, now 12 and then-7-year-old girl, now 8, between 2008 and 2014. Recently, he took a plea deal, and pleaded no contest to recklessly endangering the children and will now serve two years of probation, according to a Lehigh Valley Live report.

According to The Morning Call, Korrapati still faces the potential loss of his Green Card as well as his ability to practice medicine in the U.S.

“That would be up to the determination of the medical board. I would hope they would review the transcripts to reach a determination that’s most appropriate for the care of his patients,” said Assistant District Attorney Laura Majewski.

In 2015, Korrapati, 43, was charged by Colonial Regional police after the two children disclosed to county caseworkers that he had been sexually abusing them in Hanover Township, police said, according to The Morning Call.

But Majewski outlined the allegations saying that in a multi-year span ending in 2014, Korrapati engaged in “reckless behavior” that put the children “in danger of serious bodily injury” and by pleading no contest, Korrapati did not admit guilt, according to The Morning Call.

He however, said that prosecutors could prove the endangerment beyond a reasonable doubt and his attorney, Brian McMonagle, told The Morning Call that the plea deal came as his client wanted to spare the children from having to testify at trial.

According to The Morning Call, at a preliminary hearing, one of the children testified that Korrapati fondled him and forced him to touch Korrapati’s genitals.

The boy went on to saying that Korrapati performed similar acts on the other child, a girl.

Both children were in court, and they submitted written statements to Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden, which were to remain sealed from the public.

According to The Morning Call, in the plea agreement, Majewski states that she “takes into consideration the children being spared the torment of going through a trial, as would have been the case here.”

According to The Morning Call, under McFadden’s sentence, Korrapati must also undergo intensive counseling, can have no contact with the children and no unsupervised contact with other minors,

According to a Lehigh Valley Live report, Korrapati took a similar plea deal in November 2016 but backed out of it in March 2017.

The Colonial Regional Police said that Korrapati’s medical license has been suspended as the outcome of the case is still pending.

According to The Morning Call, Korrapati completed his internal medicine residency at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill and also worked in Easton Hospital in Wilson before working at several Lehigh Valley hospitals.



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