Film, TV celebrities share special monsoon memories 

90s film actresses Somy Ali and Anu Aggarwal. Photo: Prashant Golecha

Monsoon is in full spate in Mumbai and there are so many memories, both fresh and old, attached to the season. Along with giving respite from the sweltering heat, the rainy season also makes those special memories come alive. Here are some film and TV celebrities talking about their favorite monsoon memories, and even their favorite rain songs.

Vijayendra Kumeria (TV Actor)

“I am a monsoon person, and I enjoy the rejuvenating and energizing effects of the rain.  Drinking chai (tea) with garam pakoras, I believe that during the monsoons, staying in and watching movies that I’ve missed out on helps to relieve my tiredness and stress. And I remember when I was in school and had just watched Pyaar hua ikraar hua (Shree 420) on TV so it has to be my favorite song of the monsoon.”

Deepali Saini (TV & Film Actress)

“Two years back, I went to a picnic with my friend to Lonavala. There was heavy rain and we saw that a small puppy was in trouble and we rescued him. It is one of my best monsoon memories. My favorite monsoon song is Yeh saazish hai boondon ki from the movie Fanaa. I have many memories connected to this song.”

Charrul Malik (Journalist & Actress)

“My favorite monsoon memory is visiting National Park in Mumbai and spending the day having fresh fruits and hot corn while enjoying the rain. I have done it a couple of times and am looking forward to doing the same this time as well. There’s a lot of greenery, waterfalls, everything and I feel you can’t get this feeling sitting at home. My childhood memory is when I was in Chandigarh with my twin sister. We used to make pakoras and tea during monsoon. And my favorite songs are Pyar hua ikraar hua and Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi).”

TV actor Hrishikesh Pandey. Photo: Prashant Golecha

Hrishikesh Pandey (TV Actor)

“I love the monsoon and going out in the rains, getting wet like a kid. Even when shooting, after pack-up, I am out of the house, I like just walk in the rain and there are many memories, but I really remember one where I was trekking up to Matheran (a hill station near Mumbai). Normally people go by taxi or train but my friends and I climbed all the way and then we stayed for two days. So we had a blast.”

Nivedita Basu (TV Producer)

“I don’t know if it’s a good or bad monsoon memory that I have. I remember the floods of 2005. I was coming back from a shoot and I got stranded, so I had to live at my friend’s place for three days. As we had to put an episode on air, producer Ekta Kapoor had arranged school buses to pick up all the writers and everyone had to go to a Mumbai 5-star hotel for work. This was quite a memory. I was not very familiar with Mumbai at that time, and that was my first experience of Mumbai rains. I am not sure if many people know about this song from DahekSaawan barse. This song features Sonali Bendre Behl, and whenever rain comes I remember this song.”

Somy Ali (Film Actress)

My favorite monsoon memory and song has to be Aajaa jaanejaan with Suniel Shetty (Anth) for several reasons. It was my first working experience with Saroj Khan, my first rain song, and my first shoot with my friend and fellow acting schoolmate, Suniel. And above all, in this film, it was the first time that I ever wore a saree. This song got really popular as it was rather bold for its times, but simply because of it I was offered so many movie roles. This song will always be special to me.”

Anu Aggarwal (Film Actress)

“I love to swim in the sea during monsoon.  I also admire the amazing spirit of the average Mumbaikar to cope with the rainfall. I find it awesome! I have many memories of being caught off-guard by monsoon. But nothing beats the first time I actually discovered the non-stop pouring in Mumbai. The painter in me was in awe of just the different colors and styles of umbrellas I got to see outside a railway station. I always remember the old romantic Raj Kapoor song Barsaat mein tumse mile hum from Barsaat. The English song I love is I am singing in the rain by Gene Kelly and this song gets me tapping my feet and all I want to do is dance in the rain.”



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