Trump’s tweet to Shree Chauhan video of Sean Spicer: ‘Be nice, you will do much better!’

Shree Chauhan

NEW YORK: President Donald Trump has responded via a tweet to the Indian American woman Shree Chauhan, who live streamed on Periscope an encounter she had with the White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Saturday night at an Apple store in Washington, DC.

Chauhan alleged that Spicer made a racist statement after she asked him a few questions, including whether he felt like a ‘traitor’ and what was it like to work for a ‘fascist’ like Trump.

Chauhan claims that at one point Spicer tells her: “It’s such a great country that allows you to be here.”

“Unlike this administration, I do not believe in ‘alternative facts.’ I believe in facts. I do not believe in accusing someone of this level of racism, when if in fact it was not,” Chauhan wrote Sunday in a post on Medium. “So I watched the video over and over again,” she said. “And his words were clear…’Such a great country that allows you to be here.’ That is racism and it is an implied threat.”

At a press briefing on Monday, Spicer addressed the incident directly, reported The Washington Post.

“It’s a free country and the beauty of it is that [people] can act how they want,” said Spicer, who also added that 99 percent of his interactions with the public are civil.

Trump responded to the incident via a tweet Monday, though he seemed to have mixed up the profession of Chauhan, a former elementary school teacher who now works for Parents in Partnership, a nonprofit that encourages parents to take a greater role in their children’s education.

“It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!” Trump said in his tweet.

Read the earlier story and watch the video posted by Chauhan:




  1. I am an Indian, and I am appalled by her rude behaviour. Make us all indians hang our head in shame. Defnitely she does not speak for all Indians as there are a significant minority who support Trump and his agenda. If she was really scared, would anyone attack like that in a such a beligerant tone..
    Disgusting behariour. What a fake personality.

  2. I am indian.chauhan is agressive and out of line. Usa allowed me to become citizen and I am grateful to great country usa even though I have links to india

  3. Why don’t you go to HELL Shree you fascist B****!!! You should be arrested for harassing Sean Spicer! You liberals are brain dead bullies!!


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