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A series of monthly reports on Hinduphobia – anti-Hindu sentiment, from data collected using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) app, is being published by India Facts, a digital platform that is now solely focused on highlighting attacks on Hindus, Hinduism, and Hindu practices. The first of these monthly reports, based on data collected in July 2022, is now showcased on the platform:

The report is collated from data collected by the website — The AI based app, built by Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan, a Chicago-based IT executive with experience in Data Analytics, is the first of its kind to carefully and systematically tap into, on a real-time basis, the anti-Hindu messages on the social media site, Twitter.

As anti-Hindu sentiments have risen in recent years, and as attacks on Hindus across the US, from New York to California, are being reported —

— there is now some serious effort being made to track and identify these messages of hate on social media platforms. For long, these attacks and the demonizing of Hindus have gone unchecked and unreported by mainstream media and ignored by academics. The efforts by Hindu advocacy organizations like the Hindu American Foundation, established in 2003, to bring to light the programmatic and organized efforts at marginalizing and/or demonizing Hindus have been ignored or under-reported.

The AI-based app devised by Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan had begun collecting data and publishing the results from March 2022 as reported by India Facts —

Ensuring that the data collected by the AI app is checked for false positives the builders of the app are now confident about the veracity, reliability, and validity of the data collected, leading to the publication of the monthly reports. “We are excited about the work we have done, and the next steps in this process is to use this AI model to analyze data from other social media platforms, as well as to do more sophisticated network analysis to understand how these Hinduphobic tweets or messages are shared among groups across the world and who might be involved in spreading this hatred against Hindus and Hinduism,” said Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan.

Ramesh Rao, Editor, India Facts, the portal that focuses on publishing articles, commentaries, analyses, interviews on and about Hinduphobia, said, “We are glad to be partnering with the website to publish these reports. It is time for us to do such reporting in a consistent and systematic manner so that we can present to the world that slice of the social media world that is rife with hatred of Hindus and Hinduism. That much of this hate might potentially be enabled if not encouraged, insidiously or indirectly, by mainstream media and by some scholars is a very much a cause for concern, and India Facts will continue to highlight such attitudes and such messages. These monthly reports and the site can provide independent scholars and media analysts the data they need to pursue the work further”.

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