Three F-1 visa students from India awarded $5,000 SelfScore scholarship


NEW YORK: Three F-1 visa students from India were recently awarded a $5,000 SelfScore scholarship, the only scholarship tailored exclusively toward foreign scholars in the US who have a J-1, M-1 or F-1 visa.

The three Indian students are: Aditi C., a Carnegie Mellon University student from Bengaluru studying Integrated Innovation, Nikunj J., a UC Berkeley student from New Delhi studying Computer Engineering, and Shikhar G., a Texas A&M student from New Delhi studying Computer Engineering.

The three students were among 12 highly qualified applicants selected to receive a $5,000 scholarship each out of a pool of over 5,000 applicants across the country.

SelfScore, an analytics-based lender that provides financial services to international students, first introduced its scholarship pilot program last year to help lower the cost of tuition for this deserving, yet underserved demographic in the US, especially at a time of unrest for many internationals when it comes to their future in this country under the Trump administration.

“There is no question that college, while undoubtedly important, is expensive. This is even more true for international students in the United States: many sources of funding through academic institutions are available only to American citizens, and often funding from a student’s home country is not given to those studying abroad. As a result, international students are often required to work in order to make ends meet. Having the financial flexibility to choose whether or not to work is extremely important, as working can distract from time spent pursuing the degree these students came here for in the first place,” said SelfScore in a statement.



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