Texas governor touts his state’s business potential in India, praises Indian-Americans

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, center seated, addressed the Rotary Club of Bombay in Mumbai March 25. To his right is Nirupama Khandke, president of the club. (Photo:Facebook)

Governor Greg Abbott, who is in India with a delegation of business representatives including Indian-Americans, spoke March 25, to the Rotary Club of Bombay, touting the Texas economy and the importance of strengthening the bond between India and Texas.

Governor Abbott also emphasized the importance of trade with India, noting that Texas is the 2nd largest exporter to India in the U.S., and the 4th largest importer of Indian goods in the U.S., a press release from his office said.

“It’s not just the exchange of goods that connects the people of India and Texas,” Abbott is quoted saying at the Rotary meeting. “The values that we share are founded on family, faith, commitment to our communities, and hard work.”

Following his address, the Governor participated in a question and answer session with members of the Rotary Club of Bombay which is one of the oldest rotaries in India founded in 1929.

Dallas News, which accompanied the Governor and his delegation to India, reported Abbott has 15 Texans in his delegation, including “some Indian American businessmen who have flown to India at their own expense to accompany him for part of his nine-day jaunt.”

The governor also visited the headquarters of the multinational Mahindra & Mahindra in south Mumbai, where he praised the company and its operations in Texas. Mahindra North America. donated  $1.5 million in cash and kind after the disastrous  Hurricane Harvey last September, according to Dallas News. “That shows us that you’re more than just a business operating in Texas. You are a genuine part of our community,” the Governor is quoted saying in the Dallas News report. He also praised Indian immigrants in Texas, describing them as “very productive, very hard-working, very committed to the ideals that … underlie both America and the American dream,” the news report said.

Questions for the governor centered around how health care devices and energy technology could be sold in Texas, as well as how to upgrade aging sections of the Mumbai train system to make them accessible to the disabled. Governor Abbott is wheelchair bound since an accident in 1984.





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