Tanishq Abraham vs. Danielle Bregoli. Who should be America’s teenage role model?


NEW YORK: Do American teenagers know who the 13-year-old teenage brat Danielle Bregoli is? After all, the ‘Cash me outside” girl has been touted as ‘America’s most famous child’, despite dropping out of school in 7th grade and has been barred from flying on any of Spirit Airlines for violent tantrums. She’s even been featured on Dr. Phil on his show.

Now, do American teenagers and parents know who 13-year-old Indian American prodigy Tanishq Abraham is?

That’s the question a Facebook user posted last week, with photos and profiles of Danielle Bregoli and Tanishq Abraham juxtaposed to each other.

The question Matthew Lee Owen poses to America is vital for parents – who among the two, Bregoli or Abraham, is the better role model?

Here’s what Owen posted with photos of Abraham and Bregoli:

Photo One:

This is Tanishq Abraham, A 13 year-old Sacramento student who already has three community college degrees and has been accepted to two University of California campuses, plans on studying biomedical engineering, and becoming a doctor and medical researcher by the time he turns 18.

Photo Two:

But America’s most famous child is this girl, 13 year-old Danielle Bregoli, who dropped out of school by 7th grade, has had multiple run in’s with law enforcement exhibiting violent behavior, and is illiterate to the point she can barely speak fluent English. She also has over 5.1 million followers on Instagram.

Anytime you question exactly why America is in decline, think of this and the youth this country glorifies in the media. Along with the fact that the majority of these 5.1 million people vote and elect our current “leaders.”

Owen’s post has received over 200,000 likes, and over 300,000 shares, since he posted it earlier this month.

Last year, Abraham, then 12, received acceptances to the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the University of California, Davis. He plans to study bio-engineering. He chose UC Davis.

Before he graduated from high school at the age of 10 and was a member of Mensa at the age of 4, Abraham earned A grades in 3 college astronomy courses, according to Wikipedia. At eight, he became the founding vice-president of the astronomy club at his college. At the age of 8, he co-discovered supernovae, an exoplanet candidate, and a solar storm watch using NASA data and an on-line line citizen science program. By the age of 9, he became the youngest to attend and speak at a NASA conference, for which he received Special Mention Award for his poster presentation and rapid talk.

Owen told Your Daily Dish in an email, “I read an article about Tanishq, [then] opened my FB, then saw an article about Danielle, and the context of the article was borderline propping her up as a positive cultural figure. I found issue with that.”

Owen continued, “[I] thought to myself, ‘How much more better would it be if Tanishq Abraham and his goals and accomplishments were saturated across media instead of Danielle Bergoli?’ Imagine the positive influence. If this is the figure our youth looks up to, what will our future leaders look like?”

Tanishq Abrahan’s father Bijou Abraham is a software engineer and mother Taji Abraham, a veterinarian. They migrated to America from Kerala, India.

Tanishq Abraham’s sister Tiara Thankam, 10, is also a child prodigy. She entered the American River College in Sacramento, California, at the age of 7 – the same college her brother went to and graduated in 2015 – and last year released a music album comprising of 9 world holiday songs in six languages. She wants to be a soprano opera classical singer.




  1. danielle i love uuu and i wish i could look like uuu i want 2 no if u cld cum 2 mi house in u.s n easton commuintiy 1019 william dr

  2. Tanishq, hands down. America is going through some very serious problems – good is seen as bad, bad is seen as good …

    Would that we had an army of youth like Tanishq – our future would bright, promising.

    Instead, those who “stand out” are exactly those who are the worst role models possible …

    I hope that those parents who never disciplined their children and let the schools, their friends, the television (ad nauseam!) raise them, are now pleased with the results. We’ve got an entire generation who will never be able to “do” for themselves, but will spend their lives thinking that they are entitled to everything they see.

    Indians – please don’t let this happen in your country! Keep your families close!


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