Support New India, a non-profit, launched in New Jersey

The lamp lighting ceremony at the recent launch of the non-profit, Support New India, in Somerset, N.J. Seen in photo is Gautam Patel, left, president of SNI, Piyush Patel, vice president, Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh and others. (Photo: ITV Gold)

A new non-profit, Support New India ( was launched recently in New Jersey, in a bid to help advance the policies and programs that help the poorest of the poor and advance the economic development, health, and education efforts in India.

The launch was attended by India’s Member of Parliament from the 16th Lok Sabha District of Kheda, Gujarat, Devusinh Jesing Chauhan.

Chauhan praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to build a “New India” and said the new organization would help realize the PM’s goals.

The organization has created several cells dealing with a range of subjects, a Women’s Cell, headed by Deepti Suresh Jain, who said her cell would be working for “Nari Utthaan” or upliftment of women.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, in his speech, welcomed Chauhan and congratulated those present for the “historic” Support New India initiative. “We cannot forget our Motherland,” said Dr. Parikh, dwelling on the free, high quality education India had provided to many NRIs now living in their adopted country, U.S.A. “It is our turn now … to take care of India,” he said, and noted that since 1980, he and others had been working to better U.S.-India relations. He promised any help needed by Support New India for its endeavors.

India’s Member of Parliament Devusinh Jesing Chauhan, who came specially for the recent launch of the non-profit, Support New India, in Somerset, N.J., left, with Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh. (Photo: ITV Gold)

The organization’s other cells include –

Tourism Cell, which is meant to promote Indian and US tourism through advertizing on site; Child Education Cell, to provide help to needy children, create awareness towards needs of special education, and introduce specialized education plans to meet specific needs with the help of the Healthcare Cell.

The Healthcare Cell, to promote American physicians’ visits to India to provide assistance in rural and needy area; medical tourism; telemedicine; and veterinarian care.

Clothes and Footwear Drives, to collect materials for distribution in needy areas in India.

Handicrats & Handlooms Cell, to promote the arts and crafts of women of India and help promote them in the U.S.

Help to Martyrs Cell, which will focus on providing monetary assistance to familites of “Bharat Ke Veer” Trust.

Gautam Patel, president of Support New India, said the organization wants to help the poorest of the poor in India in areas of tribal development, education, child development and tourism. He pointed to the unity with which Indian-Americans have come together to form the new non-profit.

Piyush Patel, vice president of Support New India, said he was confident MP Chauhan would convey their efforts and the new initiative to Prime Minister Modi, about how Indians living in the U.S. stand ready to work for a “New India.”

Miss India USA Kim Kumari, noted the various cells meant to promote support for various sections of India’s communities, and that she hoped to be associated with the effort.



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