Study finds Nikki Haley to be best communicator in American politics


The Technology Company Trint has claimed that United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley is the best communicator in American politics today.

According to a report, Trint’s robots had found that Haley is a better orator than Hillary Clinton, a stronger speaker than former President Barack Obama and is better than President Donald Trump at getting the message across to the public.

Trint is a web application that uses artificial intelligence robots that specialize in voice transcription and said in a release that they wanted to find out which politicians could be better understood by these robots, and put 14 influential politicians to the test, along with a fictitious one, who was portrayed by actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the TV show “Veep,” to find out who did best.

Trint then took the audio recordings of their speeches and ran them through its transcription A.I. and used a standard known as Word Error Rate, which measures the accuracy of an A.I.-transcribed text against a 100 percent accurate transcription, to determine the winner.

Sure enough, Haley’s score was almost perfect, with a 99.48 percent accuracy rate and was closely followed by Clinton and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Obama ended up coming in at eighth place while Trump came in 11th and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came in last.

Trint told that the reason for Haley’s victory was that “she speaks clearly, intelligibly, and is easy to understand. In comparison, politicians who scored lower tended to ‘swallow the last word of each sentence’ and have heavy accents.”

Though Trump tends to swallow his words, Trint’s CEO Jeff Kofman said that he did well with automated speech recognition only because he speaks very slowly.



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