Speaking in Punjabi, Jinder Mahal talks of America’s intolerance, says country in decline

Jinder Mahal celebrated his WWE championship in grand style. Photo: WWE.

NEW YORK – Theatrics and faux drama apart, which is intrinsic of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), new champion Jinder Mahal exudes raw passion for histrionics and captivating, natural flair for dialogue delivery which would fit right into a high octane action film in Hollywood or Bollywood.

Mahal also relishes his avatar of a colored bad dude who inside the ring derides his white competitors and America, often times speaks in Punjabi just to show his ‘contempt’ for those who don’t ‘understand’ him or his language. Of course, as fans understand too well, it’s all in good fun, keeping in line with the entertainment theme of the WWE.

Mahal celebrated clinching the WWE title in terrific style, in Toledo, Ohio. He had a colorful stage filled with joyous bhangra and gidda dancers in traditional costumes swaying to Punjabi and rap music.

Mahal made a grand entrance, wearing a loosely wrapped black turban on his head, sporting a suit and tie. For the record, Mahal loves formal suits. Some years ago, he had interrupted the Great Khali in a Kiss Cam moment, smacked him on his face, wearing a similar outfit.

Mahal, in his trademark style, living up to his bad avatar image, then launched a tirade against Randy Orton and the crowd, with a message for America too.

“Randy Orton is just like you, he is just like America, he is on the decline,” he said. “But I am on the rise. I am already the greatest WWE champion of all time. This is not about you. This is about me, as I celebrate my accomplishment. I celebrate for my people. I celebrate for India,” he added, with the Singh Brothers standing beside him dressed in sherwanis, and gleeful Punjabi dancers swaying to his words.

Mahal then lashed out at the crowd some more, as they continued to roar their displeasure: “Now if you keep quiet, I will speak to my people, in my language, Punjabi.”

Mahal said in chaste Punjabi, almost as if taunting the crowd, cower them into submission like he did with Orton: “I had told the whole world I will beat Randy Orton and will become the WWE champion. Jinder Mahal reigns over the WWE. Jinder Mahal the Maharaja.”

An American commentator goes a little berserk in the background as Mahal holds ground, gushing for good measure: “India, that has given Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa has now given the greatest champion of all, Jinder Mahal.”

Earlier, facing Orton, Mahal launched into a similar fusillade of words, with a message for America too.

“Randy, you are just like all these people, because I look different,” Mahal said, looking at Orton and the audience. “Because of your arrogance. And your lack of tolerance. But I will take back my respect, my glory, WWE championship to me and my people.”

Mahal, in a scornful way, added, to antagonize the audience, goad them to hate his bad avatar even more: “Who I will address in my language, in my language of Punjabi.”

Launching in Punjabi, Mahal said, as his opponent Randy Orton looked on bemused: “Randy Orton, I will defeat you, and you will fall at my feet. All American people will fall at my feet.”




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