Sixteen Indian-Americans, South Asians win prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation logo (Photo:

Sixteen Indian-Americans and South Asians, including at least two from Canadian universities were awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s  prestigious 2018 Sloan Research Fellowships. They are among the 126 early-career scholars representing “the most promising scientific researchers working today” the institution announced Feb. 16.

“Their achievements and potential place them among the next generation of scientific leaders in the U.S. and Canada,” the Foundation said announcing the fellowships. Winners receive $65,000, which may be spent over a two-year term on any expense supportive of their research. The Indian-Americans and South Asians who won the award featured in every category, the most, four, in the Computer Science category, and 3 in Physics. The winners are as follows:


Rajamani Gounder, Purdue University

Venkat Viswanathan, Carnegie Mellon University

Computational & Evolutionary Molecular Biology

Nidhi Sahni, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Computer Science

Finale Doshi-Velez, Harvard University

Shubhangi Saraf, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Suchi Saria, Johns Hopkins University

Karthik Sridharan, Cornell University


Arun Chandrasekhar, Stanford University

Supreet Kaur, University of California, Berkeley


Jennifer Balakrishnan, Boston University

Arul Shankar, University of Toronto


Bilal Haider, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ocean Sciences

Vinayak Agarwal, Georgia Institute of Technology


Anushya Chandran, Boston University

Arka Majumdar, University of Washington

Amar Vutha, University of Toronto



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