Show yourself some love girls, suggests Kalki Koechlin



Actress Kalki Koechlin, an avid traveller, considers it important that in between engagements related to work and family, women must take a break from the madness before monotony sets in.

Kalki often takes time off and keeps her daily life lively by indulging in activities that make her happy. In a statement, the “Dev D” actress has shared tips on what she does to keep herself sane from all the drama that surrounds her life:

* Advocate for yourself: Whether it’s in the workplace with your boss or at home, speak up about your wants and your needs. Don’t let work eat up on your personal life. Stand up for yourself. Every time someone dumps extra work on you or forces you to do something that you aren’t interested in, say ‘No’. Try it. Saying ‘NO’ every once in a while actually acts like a detox. Let the world not take you for granted.

* Take small vacations with your girls: Work and family can be quite stressful sometimes and it is important to get away from both before they get on your nerves. At times like these, try and plan small vacations with your gang of girls. Could be a road trip not too far from the city or a slumber party at another friend’s place. Trust me, these mini-holidays help you rejuvenate and prepare better for the week ahead.

* Dress your best to boost your confidence: Your attire is directly proportional to your temperament. Beautiful clothes are known to be instant mood up-lifters. Dress up for yourself, look good, feel fantastic and let the world be your oyster.

* Indulge in some ‘me’ time: Spend some time with yourself doing things you always wanted to do. Finish the book that you had once started to read but never reached its end. Wear that cute jumpsuit you had bought for a special occasion but never got a chance to flaunt. And instead of spending long hours in the salon to get fuzz-free, switch to shaving. No matter what people say, it is hassle-free and safest on your skin, unlike waxes or creams. Let the mirror on the wall tell you who is the most splendid of them all.

* Accomplish a personal goal: Finish that one scary and difficult task that you’ve been avoiding. Be it a health check-up or a call to an old friend who you miss, overcome your fear and accomplish a seemingly daunting task. The more difficult it seems, the better. Let your triumph be your gift to yourself.



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