Shilpa Shetty Kundra honored at International Women’s Day celebration in New York

Left to Right, event organizer Bindu Kohli, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra accepting citation from Dilip Chauhan, Senior Advisor of Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, Women Empowerment Event in New York. (Photo Courtesy: Ram Photography)

Every year, the month of March is recognized as a women history month and celebrated all across the World. On March 6th 2017, Bindu Kohli and Sexi Morrisa organized a star studded Women’s Empowerment Gala in World’s Fair Marina New York. The event was very successful and attended by more than 300 people.

Guest of the event was Bollywood Actress and entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Fox News Anchor Patricia Stark. Shilpa Shetty has recently launched her web channel ‘Shilpa Shetty Wellness Series’, which has over 4.2 million views, with the purpose to promote healthy living.During the event Bollywood Star Shilpa Shetty gave her speech on women Empowerment highlighting the pivotal role of women in society as source of love, care and affection. Being a successful international fitness expert, she also shared her tips on staying fit.In the same note Fox News TV Anchor Patricia Stark also gave very inspiring speech. In presence of high profile dignitaries, fashion show and couple of dances were performed by very young and talented artists.

During the Event Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty and Fox News Anchor Patricia Stark were honored for their own achievements and contribution to the society. Honor was presented by Dilip Chauhan, Senior Advisor of Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos. Dilip Chauhan honored Shilpa Shetty with a Comptroller’s Citation. In Honoring Shilpa, Chauhan stated that “Shilpa Shetty, you are being honored not only for your success as an Indian Film Actress, but as a producer and fitness Guru too. Shilpa you have demonstrated a selfless commitment to promoting women’s rights, therefore it is fitting that we honor you on the Occasion of this Women’s Empowerment Event.” Also Mr. Chauhan congratulated Event Organizer Bindu Kohli for bringing Bollywood star in United States on the occasion of Women Empowerment Celebration.

While Accepting the Award, Shilpa stated that “It is my great honor to be here on the Occasion of the Women’s Empowerment Event. This came as a surprise and I am very humbled to receive this prestigious honor from Senior Advisor of Nassau County Comptroller Mr.Dilip Chauhan. I would also would like to thank Comptroller Hon. George Maragos for thinking that I was deserving of this huge honor.”

While accepting the Award, Patricia Stark stated that “What a wonderful unexpected honor to receive this Citation from the Nassau County Comptroller’s Office and the Hon. George Maragos presented by Dilip Chauhan at the Women’s Empowerment Event with Shilpa Shetty. It made an amazingly special night honoring women even more special.”



  1. Wow! What a great honor for Shilpa Shetty and Patricia Stark.
    New India Times, You are the Best. Also Dilip Chauhan and Comptroller Maragos Thank You.


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