Shahil Patel brings Bollywood to ‘Shark Tank’

Shahil Patel (Courtesy: Bolly X)

Shahil Patel, the creator of Bolly X, led a Bollywood dance extravaganza on an episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

According to a USA Today report, Patel gave a grand entrance with a group of dancers dressed in bright costumes while they all grooved to Bollywood beats.

In fact, guest shark Rohan Oza said “that’s the best intro so far,” as Patel ripped open his shirt to reveal a black Bolly X tee.

Patel then asked the sharks, “What if we can combine the fun, the energy, the excitement of Bollywood into a workout?”

He invited the sharks to join them as they wore traditional clothing.

The sharks moved along to Patel’s instructions, bending low to the floor and reaching for the ceiling before giving their best rock-star poses.



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