Scores of people from tri-state celebrate Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA Christmas

Scores of Gujarati Catholics attended the Dec. 25, 2022, Christmas celebrations held in South Plainfield, NJ, organized by the Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA. Photo: videograb from ITV Gold

Scores of Christians from around the tri-state area, including Pennsylvania, attended the Christmas celebrations hosted by the Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA December 25, 2022.

Decorations at the Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA Christmas celebrations Dec. 25, 2022. Photo videograb from ITV Gold

The event was held at the Holy Savior Academy in South Plainfield, N.J. where the hall was decorated with several Christmas trees and other colorful items to observe the day Jesus Christ was born. Young children, youth, and adults joined in lighting ceremonial candles; Certificates of recognition were presented to those who had achieved heights and served their communities. Leaders of the organization thanked people for making it to the event despite inclement weather.

Children lighting candles at the Gujarati Catholic Samaj of USA Dec. 25, 2022 Christmas celebration at South Plainfield, NJ. Photo videograb from ITV Gold

The GCS of USA has been celebrating Christmas every year for the last 12 years, barring the COVID pandemic years. Members of other Christian organizations were also present at the event. Sapna Gandhi from the Gujarati Christian Federation of New York, speaking to ITV Gold, said the day when Jesus was born  was a celebration of his message of love, peace and faith. “I hope we can enjoy the love and understanding what that love means because it is a time we need the love and peace,” Gandhi said, referring to the turmoil around the world.

Sister Chetna said the gathering felt like being with family and this was her second GCS of USA Christmas celebration, the previous one being in 2019. Sister Chetna said “Mother Mary always accepted God’s will. She accepted that Jesus was born in a manger. So whatever difficulties or happiness we have , let us accept God’s will for what he has showered upon us.”

Several members in the congregation expressed their happiness about the event and wished Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone present and those not able to come.

Youth wing leaders and several young women spoke to ITV Gold about being able to be part of the celebration. Rani Gandhi, one of the attendees, said, “We are here as a community, as Gujaratis, as Christians.”

Shanti Lal Parmar, speaking in Gujarati, emphasized Jesus’ message of peace, love and compassion, which he noted, were principles for all to follow in their daily lives.

Prakash Parmar and his band performed at the event.



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