Sanjay Tripathy, millionaire tech executive, charged with sexual abuse


NEW YORK – Indian American multi-millionaire tech executive, Sanjay Tripathy, a father of two children, has been charged with sexual abuse, assault and strangulation after he brutally attacked a 38-year-old woman, identified only as a call girl, in his hotel room at W Hotel, in June 2016.

“I am never going to look the same again,” she said, recalling the horrific night when she thought she was going to die the night and never make it out.


She told jurors that “as he’s punching me, he keeps repeating he’s going to kill me.”

The woman had found Tripathy on SeekingArrangements, which pairs sugar daddies with young women, and they were on a date until he became violent when they reached the hotel room, said reports.

According to a New York Post report, Tripathy pushed her down onto the bed and pulled down her tights to insert his fingers inside her, after which he started choking her and threatened to anally rape her.

She tried to escape by saying she had to use the bathroom however; he escorted her there and watched her urinate.

When his gaze wandered towards the window, she made a run for it but was unsuccessful as the latch of the door was on “and I screamed ‘Help me,’ ‘Help me,’ as loud as I can,” through the crack in the door but Tripathy lunged toward her, covered her mouth and dragged her back to the bed.

In yet another attempt to escape, the woman knocked the phone off the receiver during the struggle to try to call the concierge but Tripathy allegedly put the phone back on the receiver.

While he punched her repeatedly, she could see her own blood fly off from her face and land on the white sheets and walls at which point she was convinced that she would die there.

Tripathy then ordered her to perform oral on him until he orgasmed and that if she did not, he would “f–k [her] in the a–.”

He then told her twice to wash her bloody face and threatened to kill her if she went to police.

The woman eventually got out of there by telling him that she had a 6-year-old daughter waiting at home for her.

Surveillance footage shows her coming out of the hotel and making her way to an NYPD van which was parked across the street.

According to a Daily Mail report, Tripathy has now been charged with sexual abuse, assault and strangulation, among other charges.

According to a court statement, Assistant District Attorney Kristen Baraiola said, “Tripathy allegedly told the woman she was ‘going to die’” and as “the frightened woman apparently attempted to depart the room after the date went from fun to frightening, Tripathy allegedly became more violent.”

“He locked her in the hotel room and forced her to perform oral sex. He threatened to kill her… he choked her, causing her to have difficulty breathing,” Assistant District Attorney Ryan Lipes had previously said in a court statement.

“When the woman rejected his advances, the executive allegedly beat her, resulting in her split lip, broken tooth, two black eyes and a bloody nose. She saw blood literally fly out of her face after being punched,” Baraiola added.

Tripathy claimed that the incident was all in good fun but “when the issue of money came up midway through their consensual sex session, Tripathy declined to pay stating ‘she was demanding an exorbitant fee,’” said Jeffrey Greco, Tripathy’s former attorney.

Tripathy’s new defense attorney, Frank Rothman, said “he’s a married guy… when he travels, when he’s in New York, he likes to indulge.”

A judge in the case disagreed though, after photos “indicating something entirely unconsensual” were shown in court depicting the incident more serious than just rough sex play.



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