Sampat Shivangi, MD, of Mississippi elected as delegate to Republican National Convention

Sampat Shivangi, MD. PHOTO: Courtesy Sampat Shivangi, MD.

Sampat Shivangi, MD, a long-time Republican from Mississippi, a community leader who has led several Indian American organizations, has been elected as an official delegate at the upcoming Republican National Convention to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from July13 to July 19, 2024 at the Fisher Forum.

This will be his sixth time serving as a National Delegate at the Republican National Convention to elect the president of United States.

Shivangi has headed organizations like the Indian American Forum for Political Education and the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. He serves as a Member on the National Advisory Council. SAMHSA NATIONAL CENTER FOR Mental Health services Washington DC., and is Chair of the Mississppi State Department of Mental Health.

“My nomination began as early President George W. Bush in New York, NY, then Senator George McCain, Governor Mitt Romney, and President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. Now again to elect President Donald Trump in 2024 at Milwaukee, WI. I feel this is unique honor and an opportunity for an Indian American,” Shivangi said in an email message.

During the Convention, Shivangi will also be attending Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves’ luncheon in honor of delegates like him from the state, at Northern Lights in Miwaukee, on July 16, he noted.

“I look forward to this great convention where Republican Vice President nominee will speak on Wednesday and President Trump will speak on Thursday July 18,” he said, adding, “I am sure it will be a great convention and I wish to thank GOP for the courtesy and honor of the invitation as a National delegate of the Republican Party at 2024 National convention.”



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