Rohit Shetty, team go ‘Golmaal Again’ in Hyderabad

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Filmmaker Rohit Shetty and his “Golmaal Again” cast, led by actor-producer Ajay Devgn, are having fun under the sun while filming the title track of the upcoming film here.

Confetti flying in the air, hundreds of backup dancers shining in metallic outfits with pom poms in hand, some riding bikes and skateboarding, some beating the drums with enthusiasm, others looking over the balcony of houses, a drone hovering over, with big speakers and fans and swanky cars parked nearby — this is how Shetty’s set looked like when this IANS correspondent travelled to Ramoji Film City here earlier this month.

It seemed like everyone was in a mood to celebrate. The fun got doubled when the film’s cast Ajay, Parineeti, Arshad Warsi, Kunal Kemmu, Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade — dressed in black — joined the team to shoot for the title track, sung by Brijesh Shandilya.

“We are shooting the title track of ‘Golmaal’. This is the fourth installment of ‘Golmaal’. Rohit wants to make it bigger and better. So, the song is going to be bigger, better and nicer.

“Earlier the dancing used to be more western, but this time it’s more ‘desi’. We are enjoying ourselves. We are working together after a gap of seven years. We had a great time shooting,” Shreyas told select media here during his break.

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya, sitting at a distance from the team and looking at a monitor, shouted at the dancers to show more energy and gave instructions as and when needed.

Ajay, who generally shies away from dancing, seemed to have struggled a little bit to give the perfect shot. But ultimately, Shetty and Acharya looked happy with the final outcome.

Difficult to choreograph non-dancers?

“The most difficult is to make Govinda and Hrithik Roshan dance. For them, I have to always think something new. Easiest is to make Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgn dance because they do what I tell them to. They are very comfortable,” said Acharya.

Earlier, Ajay was seen balancing himself on two moving bikes as a tribute to a stunt from his film “Phool Aur Kaante”. In the fourth part of the Shetty franchise, the actor will bring back the “Singham” signature hand movement.

“That was Rohit’s idea. So, in that particular scene, Ajay is doing the ‘Singham’ step and then others shout that this is ‘Golmaal 4’,” said the choreographer.

Tusshar, who was accompanied by his son Lakshya to the city, said the song is four times bigger than the ones which featured in the first three parts.

“The song has got a festival feel… like a carnival. We are in the happy phase of the film when you are doing a song, it’s fun, everyone is together,” he said.

For Kunal, shooting for the song was no less than a joyride. “It’s been like we are at an amusement park. The set also looks like one,” he said.

Shetty, known for blowing up cars in his films and making use of technology in the best possible way, said it’s a good film and that he is “very happy making” it.

“This is the title track which every ‘Golmaal’ has. It’s little different…shot on a big scale and a lot of computer graphics,” he said.

Parineeti, who is featuring in a “Golmaal” film for the first time, promises that there will be a “new element” in this film. “I can say that the girls… me and Tabu will bring that change. You have seen the boys doing crazy things, this time there will be big and great magical elements in the film,” she said.

Moviegoers can catch the magic and grandness when “Golmaal Again” unfolds this Diwali in October.




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