Regal Brown release debut melodious Hindi video ‘Zeher’

(From left to right): Sudeep Sinha, Sanya Thomas, Rohan Yadav and Akshat Kushwaha celebrate the release of ”Zeher’, in Delhi, India.

NEW YORK – Regal Brown, aka Delhi-based singer-songwriter Akshat Kushwaha, and his team, comprising of a group from India and the United States, have released their debut music video in Hindi, titled ‘Zeher.’

The talented Kushwaha, who inflects classical raga style of singing in the melodious pop number ‘Zeher’, and plays the lead role in the video, apart from composing it, has been ably assisted by the trio of director Rohan Yadav, 21, based in Delhi, the Los Angeles-based producer Sudeep Sinha, 21, and Delhi-based dancer Sanya Thomas, 20.

It was the debut music video of Thomas too, who has been training as a dancer for the last 9 years.

Sanya Thomas

“Dance is more than just movement; it’s what comes from within,” Thomas said in a statement, to News India Times.

Sinha, originally from Delhi, is currently working as an assistant engineer for the Grammy- nominated producer Gemini Musiq, who had worked with artists like Justin Bieber, Usher, and Poo Bear, among others.

‘Zeher’ is Sinha’s first Hindi song produced for the Indian music market. He recently worked as a music composer for ‘Pixel Trip’, a game by Free Dominion Studios, which was first released by Apple. He has also worked as a music composer for the new single of Israeli singer Peer Tasi.

Sinha did his Bachelor’s in Recording Arts from Full Sail University, where for two consecutive years he won the 24hous Remix competition.

Watch ‘Zeher’ below:




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