Real estate professionals learn about benefits from yoga and Ayurveda

Real estate professionals came together at an Aug. 26, 2022, event hosted by Main Street and Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals (ASARP), to learn about how Yoga and Ayurveda could help them in their daily work. Photo: courtesy ASARP

Main Street Organization of Realtors and the Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals (ASARP) jointly hosted a luncheon meeting on how Indian Vedic traditions – Yoga and Ayurveda could help real estate professionals enhance their profitability and productivity.

The fully booked event was held Friday, August 26, 2022, at Desi Accent restaurant in Lombard, Illinois, a press release from ASARP said.

Anu Malhotra, the motivational speaker, and founder of ‘Mindful Meditation Yoga’ along with Umangi Patel, expert Ayurvedic professional of 30-years standing, educated the attendees on the subjects.

Shirin Marvi, president of ASARP, greeted the guests and sponsors, including Rebecca Pearson from MREd LLC and current and past Presidents of Main Street, Debbi Pawlowicz, Linda Dressler, and Kate Sax (VP-Professionalism).

Harsha Shukla, director, introduced the speakers and emphasized that the basic tenet of ‘Health is Wealth’ is essential in any profession.

Pradeep B. Shukla, chairman and founder-member of ASARP briefly explained the Vedic origin of Ayurveda and Yoga from Indian scriptures, advised that routine practice of Yoga and using Ayurvedic resources, would help real estate professionals release stress. In a nutshell, Yoga and Ayurveda help create harmony of body, mind and spirit, leading to better business decisions and enriched real estate experiences of clients.

Anu Malhotra highlighted the significance of Mindful Meditation and Yoga for better health and business practices and showed some simple breathing techniques. She advocated pursuit of Yoga in realization of one’s full potential in all spheres of life. Mindfulness- a perfect non diverted attention is a MUST, as she explained

Umangi Patel explained basic concepts of Ayurveda for healthy living. She also advised on the subjects of daily food intake and their nutritional values.

Patel went on to explain the basic body constitution and how to maintain the inner balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. She emphasized the need for detoxifying the body on regular basis and keeping full harmony of five elements of earth, space, air, fire, and water. These practices would help one to maintain health mind and body balance.

ASARP directors including Paul Chawla, Raj Patel, Kanti Patel, Sunil Shah, Bimal Pandhi, Ajeet Singh, Nick Verma, Sunita Kakarlapudi, Vasanti Bhatt, Harsha Shukla and Malti Pandhi thanked Donna Wilson and Lynette Mock for giving ASARP an opportunity to interact with Main Street members and making the event impactful.



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