Processing of concurrent H-1B visa and H-4 EAD getting delayed at Nebraska Service Center


The processing of H-1B visa extension and H-4 and H-4 EAD applications that are concurrently filed with premium processing before the April 3, 2017, premium processing suspension may not be adjudicated concurrently with the I-129 and within the prescribed 15 days at the Nebraska Service Center due to an overload of premium processing H-1B visa applications.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) said in a alert that due to the rush of premium processing requests, the rest of the applications, including Employment Authorization Documents for H-4 visa holders are being delayed, and will be processed separately from the H-1B visa applications.

Till the rush of H-1B visa in premium processing is taken care of, the H-4 visa and their EAD applications will be sent to another team and they should complete them within a week or two, said AILA.

The Nebraska Service Center expects to resume fully working on all applications submitted concurrently with the I-129, after the rush of premium processing applications are taken care of.

Meanwhile, the H-14 visa applicants have to be patient as they await their EADs to come in.



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