Prime Video presents intriguing crossover between Farzi and The Family Man

Prime Video presents a short crossover between The Family Man and Farzi. Photo: Amazon Pirme Video / Moe’s Art

The Amazon Original, Farzi, has become popular on the platform as a face-off between Shahid Kapoor as an expert counterfeiter and Vijay Sethupati as the cop. One aspect that gathered audience attention was the subtle crossover between the two spy universes created by directors Raj & DK between their The Family Man and Farzi, leaving fans wanting for more.

To scale up the excitement, Prime Video has dropped a funny crossover video showcasing a conversation between Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) and Chellam (Uday Mahesh), discussing the chase between Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) a.k.a. the artist and Michael (Vijay Sethupati).

In the video, Srikant can be seen checking a Rs. 500 note in an effort to determine if it is real or fake and explaining how this fake note has disturbed his friend Michael’s sleep. As the actor goes on narrating the story, he reveals that in the game there are three players—the artist (Shahid Kapoor) who designs the notes, the kingpin (Mansoor Dalal) who is the networker, and the super-cop (Michael), who is determined to stop this counterfeiting at any cost.

Srikant is then seen calling Chellam seeking advice from the veteran to help Michael, who is hell-bent on cracking the crucial case.

Sharing his excitement about the crossover, Manoj Bajpayee said, “It’s always thrilling to collaborate with Raj & DK, as they always have something interesting and unexpected to offer. Even though the crossover of The Family Man and Farzi was only for a few minutes, it managed to excite the audience, and their response to this middle-class spy universe has been overwhelming!”

Farzi, which has an IMDB rating of 8.7, is an eight-episode crime thriller with Raj & DK’s signature humor, told through the eyes of a clever underdog street artist attempting to thwart a system that favors the elite. The Family Man is already an iconic show and is rumored will soon go into a Season 3.



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