PassRight aims to aid immigration process


PassRight is a tech startup that will vastly improve the traditional immigration experience for all immigrants and make it easier for them to connect to companies with or without the need of an attorney.

“We make it less painful and more transparent for visa applicants,” CEO Liran Rosenfeld told News India Times, adding that it is also cheaper for an applicant to take the aid of PassRight rather than hire a lawyer themselves.

For example, an immigrant wanting to extend their tourist visa would pay anywhere between $500 to $1,500 for an attorney, but with the PassRight software, one will be guided through the process at only $129.

PassRight will not only help immigrants with attorney information but they will take upon the case for them as they partner with McGettrick Law PLLC to help them get through the immigration process and provide feedback instead of just telling an immigrant that their visa has been rejected.

“We also notify our customers whenever there are changes to immigration laws and we keep in touch with them through the different stages of the immigration process,” Rosenfeld added.

PassRight has helped more than 700 immigrants so far and according to Rosenfeld, it seems to be working as they have obtained their visa approvals.

PassRight understands the challenges of moving to a new country: the language barrier, the culture shock and the lack of a support structure.

Rosenfeld said that PassRight is for every immigrant though, “we mainly work with immigrants who are on H-1B visas and are either in the import and export industry or the IT industry, but we also help students with their visa issues as well as anyone else who is interested.”

“We basically find reliable and safe alternatives for immigrants at a faster pace,” Rosenfeld said, recalling how the H-1B visa process made it challenging for him when he came to the U.S., as he too was hopping from attorney to attorney trying to find answers.

Rosenfeld said that since most Indian immigrants are applying for H-1B visas, PassRight helps them get qualified and works with talent agencies to get them temporary visas so they can work while they are waiting for their H-1B visas to be approved.

“Many companies pass up on foreign talent because of the complicated visa application process and PassRight is determined to break down this barrier by using its tech platform to connect consumers with shrewd immigration legal strategies to provide companies with a new way to streamline the immigration process,” the company states in a press release.

“The PassRight process will outline the best route for applicants, predict their success rates, place in line and other steps that will facilitate a more effective immigration process,” the press release adds.

“We want to counteract the fear-driven and fragmented immigration process that has been intensified by current immigration policies. In addition, immigrant applicants have to face expensive legal fees and ill advice from overloaded lawyers who are swamped with thousands of cases. But with PassRight’s technology, my firm can make real our commitment that you are not just another number,” PassRight’s Chief Legal Officer and owner of McGettrick Law PLLC, Denise McGettrick said in a press release.

“We founded PassRight on the values of empathy, transparency, efficiency and affordability with a primary goal to partner with a law firm aligned with our values,” Rosenfeld added.



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