Overseas supporters of Indian PM laud his resounding victory


The Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP)-USA congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as party leaders on the thumping victory in India’s latest general election.

NRIs4BJP supporters held Chowkidar March, car rallies, Chai pe Charchas across the country. In Maryland, Sikhs4Modi organized a car rally where Sikhs of America President Kanwaljit Singh thanked Modi for helping the Sikh community. A car rally was also held in Virginia. A Chowkidar March was held in Woodbridge, NJ, in which supporters walked from Iselin to Edison chanting “Hum Bhi Chowkidar”. Photos courtesy Krishna Anugula, OFBJP

The BJP is projected to win more than 300 seats in the 542-member Indian Parliament, way above the 272 majority required. The Congress Party with just 51 seats was defeated roundly.

The OFBJP in a statement released May 23, congratulated Modi as well as BJP Party President Amit Shah, other BJP leaders, and “millions of BJP volunteers, and volunteers of OFBJP and NRIs4Modi across the globe who have toiled hard for this stupendous victory.”

Non-resident Indians and many Indian-Americans rallied behind Modi and held several chai-pe-charchas and other meetings and phone banks to encourage relatives and friends in their home towns, villages and cities in India, in support of Modi.

“Millions of voters including first time voters have participated enthusiastically in this world’s largest democratic elections to elect an able and proven leader, Shri Narendra Modi,” the OFBJP said in its press release.

“Indian voters have stamped their approval for continuing the all-round development with pro-poor, pro-farmer, and pro-business policies of Modi government,” the OFBJP said even as controversy continues on the impact of policies over the last few years, on farmers and the poor.

OFBJP-USA meeting in November 2017. (Photo courtesy OFBJP-USA/File photo)

“The voters have out rightly rejected the unholy alliance of selfish regional leaders and congress party mostly led by dynastic families. The people have rejected divisive politics of opposition and gave a clear message that they value good leaders and good governance,” the OFBJP said.

“NRIs4Modi and OFBJP teams have organized more than one hundred programs in the USA during the last 4 months across the nation, and coast-to-coast,” said the diaspora organization.

“Every single week from February through May, various programs were organized around the country. The programs include Chai Pe Charchas, Call-A-Thons, “Chowkidar” Marches, Car Rallies, Yagnas, Flash Mob Dance, Snow Mobile Rally, “Ghar Ghar Modi”, Sampark Abhiyan programs and more. Also, the teams have made approximately one million calls to voters in India,” the OFBJP said.

The OFBJP is planning to organize victory celebrations in more than 20 cities around the country, including Boston, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Richmond, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, the organization announced.

“I would like to congratulate BJP and Shri Narendra Modi ji, Shri Amit Shah ji for the massive victory. Prime Minister Modi ji will transform the country and improve the livelihood of the people,” asserted OFBJP president Krishna Reddy Anugula, in the press release.

“NDA government has provided basic amenities like toilets, electricity, gas cylinders etc. in the last 5 years. During next 5 years, NDA govt is going to take India to the next level with the proposed investments in infrastructure, health care, and farming sectors,” Anugula added.

The organization’s Vice President Adapa Prasad, said Indian voters had “chosen a strong and incorruptible leader Modi and his vision of New India as they rejected divisive caste and dynastic politics of the self-indulging “Maha-Milavat” opposition,” according to the press release. Organizational Secretary of OFBJP Vasudev Patel is quoted saying, “These results support the policies of Shri Narendra Modi led NDA govt. Based on the experience I had on ground as I was expecting this massive victory.”





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