OMG—Oh My God! director to make film on real crime story

Umesh Shukla (second from right) will make a film on Dr. Amar Kumar Pandey (centre)’s book, A Don’s Nemesis, based on a real story. Photo: Universal Communications

Commissioner of Police Vivek Phansalkar launched Dr. Amar Kumar Pandey’s book, A Don’s Nemesis, on April 16 at the MCA Club, Mumbai. Producer Rakesh Dang and director Umesh Shukla have decided to create a visual experience for the masses to watch!

A Don’s Nemesis has with details of Dr. Pandey’s operational experiences while chasing and catching the dreaded don, Ravi Pujari. It was a long global chase by an IPS officer on a mission, with a smartly-planned arrest.

Dr. Pandey, former Director-General of Police, Karnataka State, and now retired, has been time and again celebrated for his professional work and services. His second book about one of his prominent operations was launched in the presence of several dignitaries from the police, civil society, the press and film industry. The first book was The Architecture of Return in Civil War.

The new book details Dr. Pandey’s mission across the globe and his finally locating, identifying, arresting and extraditing Ravi Pujari from the West African country of Senegal to India. The don was unseen since 26 years, but had continued serious criminal activities across the country.

Talking about the book, Dr. Pandey said, “A Don’s Nemesis talks about getting Ravi Pujari to face the law in India and make him answerable to the citizens of our proud nation. It is an important case in my service as a police officer and I think the journey needs to reach everyone to understand the diligent work of Indian police officers and our unshakable faith in the fact that a perpetrator would always be brought to justice.”

At the grand launch, director and producer Umesh Shukla of Merry Go Round Studios, who directed the social blockbuster OMG—Oh My God! (2012),  announced his film based on this book. “A Don’s Nemesis is a story that I think every Indian should know about. It is an inspiration and showcases the dedication of our police force to bring justice at any cost,” he said.

Producer Rakesh Dang (Seeta Films & TV Productions), who will be backing this project along with Umesh Shukla, Ashish Wagh and Madhukar Verma, added, “We are elated to take Dr. Pandey’s inspirational story to the masses to watch on screen. The adaptation is currently in pre-production stage and we will announce more details soon.”



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