Off-duty NYPD cop Jason Maharaj lauded for tackling suspected shooter

Suspect Steven Cohen (63) gunned down 26-year-old employee Mohmediyan Tarwala inside Crossbay Express, Smoke and Vape Shop in Ozone Park, Queens. Photo: Courtesy – NYPD News Twitter

An Indian American NYPD Officer of Caribbean descent is being lauded for his bravery in tackling an alleged shooter in a Deli in Queens.

Officer Jason Maharaj, while off-duty was at a deli in Queens on the night of October 26, 2020, when the suspect started firing shots.

Police Commissioner of the City of New York Dermot Shea shared a video on social media which shows Maharaj tackling the shooter to the ground. The officer disarmed the shooter and held him till responding cops arrived says Shea.

NYPD News on Twitter @NYPDnews, said “Off-duty but always vigilant” and described the scene that unfolded in the deli. “Tonight, off-duty Police Officer Maharaj from the @NYPD77Pct was in a deli in Queens when a suspect started shooting at a customer. The officer quickly sprang into action, tackled the suspect, disarmed him & held him until uniform officers arrived,” said the police news report on Twitter.

It posted the picture of the gun, which was supposedly used by Cohen.

New York Post identified the alleged shooter as 63-year old Steven Cohen. It also identified the victim as 23-year old Mohmediyan Tarwala. CBS New York identified the deli as Crossbay Express, Smoke and Vape Shop in Ozone Park, Queens.

Commissioner Shea tweeted along with the CCTV footage from the store, “Nothing short of Heroic. The moment after a man shot & killed a deli worker, off-duty NYPD Officer Maharaj, without regard for his own safety, tackled the shooter, disarmed him & held him for responding cops.”

NYPD 77th Precinct tweeted, “We are very proud to have Officers such as Police Officer Maharaj serving our community here in #CrownHeights.”



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